Chapter 11: Broken promises

Everything is made up of laws… shall one be broken, the world, at large, will pay the price.

[Codes] – an existence – No - An "Empty shell" that must not exist in this world. An Entity directly connected to the "constructed" [Reality] .

When one turns into a [Code], not only will this being become a monster, its traces of existence will be bent and twisted along with it. Truth will be covered by realistic lies no mortal can ever make.

To be clear…

In this time, you won't even know whether your parents who died in an accident a year ago, is actually true…

… Or if your pet dog was really hit by a passing car…


Just maybe…

…they turned into a [Code].

The after effect of the malfunction of the laws is great enough to destroy a human mind's logic, and the events that occur nowadays are no longer trustworthy.

Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting souls is that they are being [Punished] for what they have [Not] done.

The world they are in, right now, is one where a [truth] you once knew for a while, can become a lie in a flick of a finger…

…and the cruel thing is that they can't do a thing, because they are not even aware of it.

The natural phenomenon we all refer to as [Codes], aren't just mere machines of destruction…

…They are the result of a [Grave Sin].

Arika hurriedly went home from her part time job when she received a call from her brother, Mamoru. It seems their mother's condition has gotten worse. Every step she takes quickens by the second her feet reaches the ground. She has been having this nagging feeling ever since the call. Though it wasn't the first time this has happened, she couldn't help but feel anxious every time… but this time… it feels different… she felt heavier.

She quickened her pace as she rounded each corner, completely oblivious of the fact that a certain classmate has been following her, yet, even if she had known, she probably won't care less, for her main objective is to reach her old home.

"Okaa-san…" she whispered, as a ball of tear formed from the tip of her eyelids "… please be safe..." she added as she run forward, believing that her doubts would be cleared once she returned home, that her mother will be okay and everything will go back to normal. Her hopes had risen the moment she caught a glimpse of their rundown apartment. With haste, she rushed towards the house, and opened the wooden door, only to be greeted by a crushing defeat.

Her brother sat still in front of their mother's futon. His face was dim and he was looking blankly at the floor, not even bothering to say a word to his sister.

"Mamoru…" With a lot of effort trying to hide her true feelings, Arika finally decided to speak up


"I… I…I'll go .. g-get help…" when she hadn't received an answer from her stoic brother, she let out desperate words to try and avert herself from the truth laid before her…

"…Arika- nee" Mamoru spoke, stopping her from opening the door , "She's gone." This words completely dominated her as her suppressed tears began falling , Arika breathe in heavily before turning around and rushed outside, Mamoru only watched her leave with his eyes, even more darker than before.

"…This……" Arika cried as she raced towards nowhere, hoping to get away from the pain and all "..not true..." she managed to say before she broke into tears, her hands on her face. She was running with all her strength that's withering away slowly, before she bumped on an unexpected silver-head. She fell to the ground from the force, but it seems that whom she bumped on wasn't even fazed.

"K-Kurotsuki – kun?" she muttered, looking at the familiar face. Azure blue eyes shimmered darkly, as if it was looking at her with disgust, she felt cold at that gaze.

"You…" The boy finally said while glaring at her, which gave her the chills "Must die."

"That idiot…" these are the words that escaped from an enraged brunette as he slowly got up from the ground. Being punched by someone with strength, enough to kill a Code, isn't such a good thing at all, but what angered him the most, are his cold words.

"I know what my duty is…" Rikoto murmured as he leaned against a wall "…but I'm still a human.." he continued silently, punching the hard cement with great force, before going off to where he was supposed to be.

"Wh-What..?" Arika muttered in confusion. Sure, she hadn't talk to this person much, as he wasn't as open as Rikoto, but she couldn't remember angering him to the point that he'd say those words to her.

"I said you must die, damn Code.' Kurotsuki answered coldly as he crouched down to her eye level.

"E-EH?! What are you saying, please stop that!" Arika shouted, finally losing her cool. She had went through enough today, and hearing those words just made it worse, but her irritation was quickly tossed aside when Kurotsuki's eyes turned serious again.

"Hnn… well, since you asked for it, I'll tell you then… Just think of this as me doing you a favor while getting awfully bored of waiting for you to die and, being generous enough to let you know why." He added comically with his bored look, puzzling Arika even more.

"Hey, hey… do you know what Essence is?..." he added smiling darkly

"E-Essence?" Arika repeated with a confused look

"…well ofcourse you don't, who am I kidding…"

"Just please stop this nonsense, I… I need to be alone…!" Arika was cut off by Kurotsuki's glare once again

"Essence is what gives you bugs' life…" he said as he took a step closer at Arika, his hand extending towards her chest.

"Wh-wh-what are you…?!" Arika backed out a bit with a blush from the sudden movement, but she was halted on her steps when she saw what Kurotsuki is pointing at.

"… but it can be broken and you will become a monster" he said with a creepy smile, as she pointed at the swirling black hole spinning on Arika's chest revealing a breaking Orb. Arika was stunned at the fact that she is seeing something strange, but what surprised her the most is that her "Essence" , as what Kurotsuki said, is breaking. For the moment, she thought she was delusional from the shock of her mother's death, but the throbbing feeling told her it wasn't an illusion.

"M…Monster?!" she questioned as she fell on her knees with a terrified expression, then she quickly stood up and attempted to run away, But a sharp pain stopped her. Her head feels like it's going to explode.

"AAAHHH!" She screamed as she crouched down, while holding her head in desperation. Kurotsuki, on the other hand is grinning as he took steps towards her.

"… A mindless monster who kills and kills, a Code" with this Arika finally cried, not just from the physical pain, but for everything. She thought that perhaps it was better if she would just die, but, the one who'll suffer the most would be her Brother. She doesn't want that. She hated this. Why her? She had done everything she could to keep them together, to make it through everything. She even promised she won't leave them alone… so why? Why is it that everything she had worked so hard to protect could crumble so easily?

It's unfair…

I hate it





"M-Ma-Mamoru!" she screamed in pain and Agony, as her consciousness slowly fades away, and blackness is slowly creeping in, she could only hear one word..







Who is it?


I know this voice…


This loud, yet warm voice


"You Idiot! Why are you giving up so easily?!"

Yes, I know him, he's my new friend




"Open your eyes! You don't have to give in to this! What about you.. your Brother?!"

Is he sad… is he crying.. I can't tell… I'm just… so tired of it all




Hardships… tears… nothing ever happens… just… just loneliness




I'd rather die…


"You said you'd let me meet him right?! Don't just go breaking promises like that!"

Promise? … yeah I did promise, huh?



I broke a lot of them, I'm so sorry



Sorry… so sorry…


Crying…? So… I'm sad… huh?... I'm a big liar…

I don't want to die after all….

I want to live… with Mamoru… with everyone else…

I want to eat good food, have some fun, be a normal girl…

I'm a big liar…

Till the end…

I hate it…


I don't hate anything…

I'm just…


"AAARGGGHHH!" The new Code yelled as it slowly got up, and turned towards it's prey.

"Arika… you idiot!" Rikoto exclaimed in anger as he watched his friend race to attack him.

"whew~" Kurotsuki whistled in amusement as he step forward "I guess it's my time to shine huh?" he added looking at Rikoto who's just glaring at him.

"No…" Rikoto said firmly "I'll do it" he said before he raised his arm and pointed his palm at Arika.

"See?... that's the cruel reality of this rotten world." A certain blonde woman in a jersey, said as she patted Mamoru's shoulder.

"A-Arika- nee" Mamoru whispered, watching from afar, as the battle between his sister and a person he hadn't met before reached its end. His sister fell forward and landed on that person's shoulder, before she turned to dust and got swept away by the wind.

"Mamoru-kun… In the world that we will create, these sad things would never happen" Setsura whispered to his ear with a solemn expression "The world where everyone is happy… you could be with your mom and sister again…" she added with a wry smile, as her fingers caressed the strands of his hair.

End of chapter



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