Chapter 13: Training Ongoing

"... I don't think this is a good idea..." Rikoto said with a reluctant expression "I had seen Kuro fight one time... and he's almost as strong as Natsuki-senpai..."

"...And your point is?" Kokone glanced at him with a creepy smile curved across her lips.

"I was just saying... he's far stronger than me and I'm not even allowed to use Essence! how am I supposed to fight him?!" He exclaimed in annoyance as he pointed at the bored silver-head, eating some potato chips, before throwing it away somewhere..

"Kurotsuki-kun isn't allowed to use Essence too.." Kokone added before taking a sip on her cup of warm chocolate.

"You don't plan on listening to me, do you?!" Rikoto exclaimed, yet Kokone just ignored him, and took a bite of a choco chip cookie.

"Don't give me that crap" Kokone threw him a sharp glare"...You won't get stronger if you keep limiting yourself with things that you can't do" She added before qickly reverting back to the usual innocent face.

"...even if you say that..." Rikoto murmured before he got into a fighting stance "Never mind... I just have to give it my all then..." he sighed

"START!" Kokone shoted, signaling the start of the practice fight.

Without delay, Rikoto raced towards Kurotsuki who was just staring at him, with a sleepy expession.

"... I should just gain the upper hand before he does!" he shouted inwardly, as his fist went straight at Kurotsuki's pale face.

"It...It hit?" Rikoto wondered as he looked at his arm still extending towards the silver head. He could feel that his hand really landed on his face, but he still asked in his mind because it seems as if his target wasn't even fazed.

"That's it?" Kurotsuki remarked sarcastically, his tone was clearly disappointed.

"No way!" Rikoto was shocked at that response. He had expected Kurotsuki to be atleast a little bit, if not, hurt from that punch. His eyes were widened in surprise, as he watched the silver head arched a bit backwards, then slammed his forehead on his. The next thing he knew, he was lying on the cold floor, totally unconscious.

"Here, Kurotsuki-kun" Kokone smiled as she handed a cup of tea to the boy across the table. It has been almost half an hour since Rikoto passed out.

"...Seems like Rikoto-kun needs to be trained to the extent..." Kokone laughed softly, before taking a slight glance at Rikoto, whom they left lying on the floor.

"He sure is weak" Kurotsuki replied with the same expression, taking a sip on his cup of tea.

"That's because you're too strong, have you been trained previously?" Kokone turned the topic to him, she was indeed, interested on Kurotsuki's ability and potential.

"Not really... it just comes naturally with all those things..." He replied with quite a serious tone

"Those things?" Kokone tilted her head to the side wondering what he just said

"It's nothing" he frowned a bit, Kokone just smiled mischievously before she stood up and rummaged on her bag again "Well, I'm poking in way too much, how rude of me..." she replied, she knew pretty well that most of the people in Zero, especially Numbers, have had bad past experiences with codes and the like, so she cut the chase and decided to proceed to their actual purpose.

"Kurotsuki-kun, would you mind having a spar with me then, still using no abilities?" she asked with a peculiar smile, Kuotsuki stood up and smirked back

"You better be worth the try" he replied coldly.

"Erghhh..." Rikoto groaned, as he slowly got up to sit... He could feel an immense pain coming from his head "What...What happened?" He paused for a while before he gasped at what he's looking at.

"...Kuro's having a spar with Kokone?" He said amazed, while finally remembering what happened earlier...

"..I was defeated that easily? how hard is his head anyway? " He frowned at the thought, his eyes twitching. Rikoto averted his attention to the fight in front of him.

"Kokone is on the offensive..."he thought, he was surprised she could fight with Kurotsuki that well when he couldn't. Furthermore, she's not just attacking, seems like Kurotsuki is being pushed back.

"Shit! what the hell's with this child?" Kurotsuki cursed inwardly, he had managed to dodge a kick on his stomach when he took a step back. Kokone didn't stop at that as she delivered another punch, this time Kurotsuki couldn't dodge.

"Uggh" He coughed a bit "Her attacks weren't that powerful as mine... but she's aiming them at my weak spots..." while he was thinking, Kokone had already gotten behind him, If he weren't fast enough he could've been knocked out by a chop on the back.

"and she's damn fast too..heh!" Kurotsuki smirked darkly as he widened his eyes in amusement. "Guess it's okay for me to be a bit serious then?!" he muttered before his speed suddenly increased, Kokone was taken by surprise when she saw that she's been forced to be on defense even if he hadn't done anything yet, for some reason, she got the feeling that it's dangerous. She had felt this feeling before, her intuitions as a skilled fighter when fighting a stronger opponent...

"F-fast!" she screamed inwardly before barely catching up with Kurotsuki who became the offensive. He wasn't attacking as fast as she is, in fact he was just giving one punch at a time.

"Is he doing it on purpose?" Kokone thought before sighing, "Nope... he's just too lazy... what an idiot?" she said before blocking an attack. She felt that this one attack was weaker than the rest... no it's more like there's no power in it at all...

"Haah... I'm tired..." He said, before he sat on the ground, "Training is boring." he added

"Well, I guess that was enough training for now, we'll continue in an hour, That was seriously impressive, though you might want to work out on your patience and laziness." she said smiling, before she turned to Rikoto who was still stuck on the ground.

"Hey, Rikoto-Kun... It's your turn!" She shouted gaining Rikoto's attention

"W-what just happened?!" he asked, he still couldn't believe his eyes

"We just finished our first pace." She answered. "You failed" she said straight faced

"EH?!" Rikoto shouted, but he was indeed defeated way too easily, their fight didn't even last a few seconds as he passed out in an instant..

"I'm just Kidding! but,oh well, You''ll need 10 more years to catch up to Kurotsuki-kun" she commented with her index finger pointed upwards

"Forget 10 years, he won't catch up even if it's a hundred..." Kurotsuki muttered from the side

"K-Kuro!" Rikot shouted in annoyance

"True" and Kokone just agreed.

"eh? Kokone too?!"

"But don't worry..." Kokone replied smilling innocently before it turned to a creepy one unfit for her image "I'll make sure you'll be as strong as I wanted you to be in less than a month even if your arms and legs fell off, ahahaha" she laughed before she gestured for him to follow her in the next spacious room.


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