Chapter 14: Bombs and Explosions

"I don't think I can last for another second…" Rikoto muttered with a dim expression, while sitting still on the cold floor of another training room. Kokone had dragged him in a chamber with thicker defense and metallic walls equipped with heavy sprinklers, she and Kurotsuki observed from the sidelines as Rikoto tried to extend his use of his ability in a peculiar way.

"..Why not, Rikoto-kun? Don't you want to get stronger?" Kokone smiled innocently

"But not this way!" Rikoto glared back at them, then he quickly regained his composure to avoid exploding… and when he said 'exploding', he meant it literally.

Apparently, when he reached the inside of the room, he thought it was strange. Except for the door they went in, there're no other exits. There are small air vents but that won't be enough to escape, if ever you were trapped.

Furthermore, Kokone had sealed the exit closed with this crazy expression she had. It gave him a weird feeling, and sadly, his hunches were right. As kokone suddenly threw 10 hyper sensitive bombs at him. Having no choice, he used his control over gravity to keep it from falling to the ground. That said, it has been 25 minutes since he did that yet he couldn't let go of the bombs.

"One slight movement and they'll explode, so don't you move an inch" that's what she said… Rikoto sighed in defeat, thinking how long would this last. Though the bombs weren't that heavy, it would still strain his body if he kept them floating for too long. Still, he couldn't let go of it, coz if he does, it would seriously hurt. He understood quite well that this was a test of his endurance but…

"What the hell would happen if I passed out…?" he thought in grim

"Baka…" Kurotsuki murmured slightly, yet Kokone managed to hear him.

"So you figured it out huh?" she commented smiling cheerily at him while leaning at the metallic wall.

"It was a bluff… ain't it?" Kurotsuki responded, crouching down on the floor.

"Well, those are real bombs, but they weren't hyper-sensitive, they will only explode if it landed with an impact… so it would be okay if he carefully put it down… teehee" She responded, truth be told, if it were really sensitive bombs, Kokone wouldn't have thrown it roughly in the first place… Yet, seeing how he panicked, Rikoto failed to notice it, and Kokone took advantage of it.

"Crazy woman…" Kurotsuki muttered under his breath, just then, a knife was thrown in front of him, which he barely dodged, cutting a bit of his silver hair.

"You saying something? Ku-ro-tsu-ki-kun?" Kokone added with an innocent smile, while tilting her head to the side, Kurotsuki looked at her, eyes twitching as he slowly moved away.

"I said cra-zy-wo-man" he repeated when he finally reached a considerable distance from Kokone.

"Oh, so you're asking for something unpleasant, very well then, I got plenty…" she said with nerves popping on her forehead, she took out a remote from nowhere, and pushed a red button. Suddenly, a huge metal wall mounted from the ground, separating the room into two, one where Rikoto is, and the other is for Kurotsuki. Kokone had went up to a sealed room from above where she can view both of her trainees on a screen, while laughing sadistically.

"Ohoho, this would be fun…" she smirked inwardly, as she operated the various controls in that sealed room.

Kurotsuki was still wearing a deadpanned expression as he looked around the metal walls, some part of it shifted a bit, then huge tubes that looked like the tip of a gun emerged from each corner.

"he~ This kind of set up won't do you any good…" he said as a creepy smile crossed his lips. As if on cue, the guns began firing at him, accurately at that. He swiftly dodged each attack, and as the room was spacious enough, it made it easier for him to move.

"This is getting annoying…" Kurotsuki muttered, one shot grazed his left cheek a bit. He maneuvered to the side, successfully evading all other attacks. In a spur of a moment he had destroyed one of the firing guns, there are 6 of them, leaving only five.

"Impressive…" Kokone smirked darkly while looking at the screen, somehow, she was happy that her traps were easily destroyed. Kurotsuki had finished destroying all other devices.

"But that wasn't all…" Kokone whispered in a raspy voice, then she chuckled a bit while pushing another red button.

"Shit..." Kurotsuki's eyes widened at an unexpected outcome-to-be.

"Ko-chan, how far should walk?" Hazuki complained, he was getting really impatient following their target around- a young ex-writer that goes by the name Kenji Ayu. 25-years old- single – jobless and lazy. She's a laid back person that drinks a lot.

"As far as she would, please bear with it for a while.." Kotaro replied before averting his attention back to the said person. Like usual, this lady would turn into a code soon, and their mission is to stop whatever consequences there is if this soon-to-be-code was left alone to rampage and all.

Unlike Rikoto, Hazuki and Kotaro were veterans when it comes to this kind of job, so they weren't affected that much anymore by the fact.

"Can't we just sit, I'll track her while doing so…" Hazuki begged with puppy eyes. Kotaro heaved a sigh.

"You know we can't do that Hazuki… What if she turns into a code earlier than our predictions?" Koaro explained, indeed Hazuki 's Tracking ability was useful, he also had that five minute time lap to see into the future, but that future-thingy only works when he's face to face with that person or object, furthermore, it wasn't that effective since future changes with every choice. In simple terms, Hazuki can see many futures that makes it hard for him to see which one would actually occur, it was only a bunch of possibilities or hypotheses , and the final decision was still left for him.

"haa…" Hazuki sighed in defeat. The both of them continued following her into an apartment. She went upstairs, and locked herself up.

"She was just lying on the floor… Ko-chan" Hazuki commented, while using his ability. This answer remained the same for the next few hours. Hazuki was already exhausted and, matter of fact for a child his age, is throwing a tantrum.

"Fine, why don't we go grab some snacks first, I'm pretty hungry myself..." Kotaro said, earning a vibrant smile from the boy.

"Yaay!" Hazuki cheered as he lead the way to a convenience store.

"Shit!" Kurotsuki blurted out as the guns he had destroyed has been pulled back, then a set of new ones were deployed. But, against his expectations, those devices weren't the same one as before. It fires only a single one.

"Bombs.. Huh?" He said before the room he was in exploded.

"WH-WHAT WAS THAT?! KURO?!" Rikoto shouted in panic as he had heard and felt the trembling and the after shock from the explosion.

"ohoho~ I guess I went a little overboard" Kokone laughed from the sealed room, while gazing down from the glass window, she had enabled the microphone, allowing the two other to hear her.

"You freakin idiot!" Kurotsuki shouted from the room he was in. He had barely moved on time, so he managed to avoid the center of the explosion.

"Kuro!?You're okay?!" Rikoto shouted in relief, though he couldn't say for sure he should be feeling that coz' he's in the middle of a sea bombs as well.

"What? You think I'd die from something like that?" He shouted back as he emerged from the smoke and walked towards Rikoto's direction.

"Y-Yeah… right" He replied looking at the silver head while casually dusting his pants. Aside from the ashes and dirt on his clothes and hair, he doesn't look anything near from a person who just got caught in a bomb spree. The sprinklers from around the room had extinguished the fire already.

"Now I'm soaking wet…" Kurotsuki mumbled as his eyes were twitching, looking at Rikoto, he had thought of something devious.

"I'll pay you back for that" He shouted at Kokone who was just smirking from the sealed room.

"H-hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Rikoto shouted as Kurotsuki reached out for the floating bombs, he was still not aware that they're not hyper sensitive so he was panicking. He was surprised it didn't explode, but he was much more surprised at what Kurotsuki just did.

The silver head just throw the bomb with great force at the sealed room. Kokone smirked as the room was enhanced to endure those kinds of attacks. Kurotsuki smiled at her naivety, as when the bomb reached it and exploded, the glass windows shattered.

"Hn!?" Kokone was caught by surprise, good thing she was experienced enough to have react just in time. She had used her ability to slow down the motion of the shattering glass. Thus giving her the chance to get away in time.

"W-What the hell did you just do?!" Rikoto shouted glaring at Kurotsuki.

"tch.." he mumbled and ignored him, and he only averted his gaze at the girl who just got infront of them in less than a millisecond.

"K-KOKONE?! " Rikoto exclaimed in total confusion "GEEZ CAN YOU GUYS TELL ME WHAT THE HECK'S GOIN'ON HERE?!"

"Hnn.. I have no idea how you did that.. but … You Pass!" Kokone remarked completely ignoring Rikoto.

"…Rikoto-kun, you can put those down now, I was just joking when I said it's hyper sensitive teehee~" she giggled, giving Rikoto the creeps.

"WHY YOU?!" He was about to complain before he realized something "…Wait… what about me?"

"You failed" She replied coldly and bluntly


"Well, you're panicking enough to notice it.. I can't do anything" Kokone explained returning back to her usual 'innocent girl' façade. "But the most important thing is... the punishment!" she added with a smile and Rikoto just slammed his face on the floor.

"Training is enough for today, you can go home and rest" Kokone finally said, "…but before that… Kurotsuki-kun" she called with a serious tone

"I want to know your ability." She added in a completely different manner.

"Eh… didn't you know? He's a sneaking type…" before Rikoto could finish his statement, Kokone had interrupted.

"Earlier when you throw the bomb at me, I was certain it won't do any damage. After all, that room was built for those kinds of attacks…" she explained with a creepy smile and the words 'don't lie or your dead' were written all over her face.

"Don't know, maybe I got lucky?" Kurotsuki replied nonchalantly.

"Oh~ I thought you'd say that… But… I saw it, before the bomb even made contact with the glass, it has shattered already… If it weren't for my ability I wouldn't have noticed or escaped" She said

"Eh? Kuro?" Rikoto glanced at Kurotsuki's bored face, he also remembered seeing Kurotsuki smirk after throwing the bomb.

"Fine You got me." Kurotsuki heaved a sigh as a sign of defeat.

"HEH?! So you do have a more useful ability?!" Rikoto blurted out

"Yeah, so what?" Kurotsuki remarked

"Tell me what is it… no just show us!" Rikto said in excitement

"No way…" Kurotsuki said and turned back to leave, while waving his hand.

"It would be better if I'd let you see it in a real fight" he added with a dark smile

"But before that, keep guessing… seeya" he shouted before he disappeared from their field of view.

"What a creepy person" Rikoto commented

"Yeah, he's interesting indeed" Kokone added.

As Kurotsuki made his way out of the old warehouse, he was greeted by a raven haired guy.

"So you'll really reveal it huh, Kurotsuki" Aoba said and Kurotsuki just gave him an out-of-place smile with his eyes curled upwards, completely opposite of how he usually is. Fooling around again, perhaps.

"Oh Aoba, you found our hideout~" he said in a sheepish tone, before reverting back to the usual bored demeanor, with the dark grin across his face.

"somehow, it's easier to find than you" Aoba replied as he turned around to leave, Kurotsuki followed suit.

"Well, to answer your previous question… I will. Some of it maybe" he said in his usual monotone, he was referring to the matter of revealing his abilities.

"It's up to you" Aoba remarked

"By the way, Where's Ryou?" Kurotsuki asked

"The mistress has given him a task… Seems like Setsura found her new prey"

"Yeah, that gloomy kid from before huh…" Kurotsuki thought, he had encountered Setsura trying to convince Mamoru to becoming "that" thing, and she was successful in doing so. "What a bitch…" he muttered.

"Come to think of it, it's been a while since we team up huh? " Kurotsuki said, remembering that his previous partner was Aoba. And due to his mission, he wasn't able to do tasks with him.

"Indeed, Your mission was necessary to carry out our goals after all…" Aoba replied stoically.

"But it's getting boring… Why do I have to do it?" Kurotsuki complained for the first time. "Those good guys are way too good it's annoying"

"Bear with it, you'll witness something good if you wait…" Aoba assured him, and Kurotsuki blue eyes glinted in amusement

"I'll look forward to your plan then, Aoba…" He said with his hands in his pockets .

"hn… You better be.."

"Uwaa! I'm out of money already?!" A certain brown haired lady said as she had finally decided to stand up and check her wallet to buy a few beer. Indeed she was Kenji Ayu, Hazuki and Kotaro's Target.

Her brown eyes fell heavy in disappointment at her current predicament.

"No choice, I'll go find some, then…" she said as she walked towards the door of her unit. She pulled it open, only to see a young boy with light Purple hair, holding a box of Pizza. Behind him is a decent young man with blonde locks, carrying some drinks.

"E-Eh?" Ayu was dumbfounded and was left staring at the kid who was smiling so brightly at her.

"Congratulations, Kenji Ayu-san! You won our Raffle!" The boy said to her and she just stared back with no reaction.

"Eh?" the only thing she managed to say.


Author's notes.

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I'll give a detailed explanation regarding Kokone's ability as well.