"Whoa. Total creep show" Butch repeated.

"We heard you the first time" I commented, looking around.

The streets were completely deserted. Some of the houses had been boarded up, some doors were smashed in, windows were broken, glass was everywhere. I looked around judging the environment. The sky was a dark, ominous grey, looming over the town. The house across the road from where we where staying had windows that had obviously been boarded up. There was a black curtain and looking at it carefully, it twitched before a hesitant face looked out the window before disappearing in a matter of seconds.

I decided to walk around the town, taking a gun and tucking it inside my boot. While the streets where deserted, when I reached the shops there were a few people. Well, not people. No-one was talking to each other, A boy walked slowly along the street dragging his feet, blood covering his clothes and his eyes dead, bags under his eyes, being red and black. He had just been changed. Changed into the undead. Vampires, Zombies, Monsters. Being turned by a vampire generally meant you were one of the lucky ones. You had a better chance of dying. Extremely few survived the change to becoming a vampire. I was one of them. You were lucky to die though. Why would you want to live in a world where all that exists is death and pain? You would fight, and you would fall. That is how it would work. Now, there is barely any love, warmth and light. There is almost only death, pain, sadness and change. I kept walking. Suddenly, there was a loud sound that came from inside a shop that instantly got all the zombies attention, before the glass window broke as a body was flung out of the shop. 8 teenagers came running out of the shop, they moved away from the shop and stood perfectly still without making a noise as the zombies ravaged the shop, trying to find food. Zombies cannot see or smell. All they have is hearing. So, the monsters here are only zombies, otherwise they would have kept running, fearing the monsters that have all of their senses.

They walked away from the shop, without making noise, carrying bags of food. So, there is a resistance. They were lead by a boy with blonde hair, and dark green eyes. As they crept away they stopped in front of me, looking me up and down, deciding whether or not I was a zombie. I raised an eyebrow at them, letting them know I could see them. Suddenly a boy at the back dropped his weapon, a metal pole. The sound echoed around the street. The boy giving yup on being quiet and just sneaking around yelled, "RUN" The zombies quickly came running across the street as the rebels ran. Being a vampire myself, I saw no need to run, however the boy had mistaken me for a human, and grabbed my hand, pulling me along with him as he ran. The boy at the back, who had made the sound, starting screaming. He had been caught. He was going to be killed. I looked at the boy who was leding the rebels, "Shouldny you do something?"

His eyes narrowed concentrating on fleeing, "Forget him… dead."

A girl at the back with long dark red hair screamed, seeing the boy starting to be torn to pieces. She stopped and started running to him, but she was quickly caught by another girl, with dyed blue hair. "Run" She yelled.

"No." She replied running to the boy and kissing him as-

The boy pulled my head back around. "Don't watch… Hurts more"

Another boy in the group who was running yelled back to the girl with blue hair, "What is she doing?"

"She wants to die with the one she loves" The girl replied.

We reached a house about a street away from where I was supposed to be staying. The house was a typical one for this town, board windows, heaviy door, red roof, kind of small.

The boy let go of my arm and kicked open the door, grabbed my arm again and pulled me with him as everyone ran inside behind us. We ran down into the basement f the house and he entered a room behind a tapestry. After that he pulled a lever and entered a code ad a door opened and everyone hurriedly ran into the room as the door shut behind us. Must be really easy to get into when you're being chased.

I looked around, the place was huge. It was an underground mansion. Everyone there was walking around completely loaded with weapons. The people who had been running from the zombies were putting the food down and stating to stretch, completely relaxed. Another boy walked up to the group who had been outside and turned to talk to the boy who had dragged me here, "Nathaniel, How many of you were there when you left?"

Nathaniel answered with no emotion in his voice, '8'

"How many returned?"


Pick anyone up?

"1 girl sir"

At this he looked up in surprise, then looked at me.

"Where you bitten by a zombie?"

"No Sir." I replied. Well. Not by a zombie…

"Fighting experience?"

" an abundance"


He re-directed questions at the boy, "Who was lost?"

"Joshua and Emerald" Nathaniel replied, clenching his fists.

A girl who had been walking past carrying a basket dropped it and ran over. "I heard Emerald's name….. I didn't see her come back in"

Nathaniel looked down, "Rose, I.."

Rose looked terrified, and Nathaniel kept avoiding looking her in the eye.

"I'm so sorry" He eventually said.

Apparently, anyone human left in this town was a survivor, and trust me, there aren't many left.