Laugh at the Girl in Black

Laughing away as you hide the pain

Destined to crash as you pull away

There's a secret inside the girl in black that rips the soul apart

Burning, mourning, hatred the same

Nothing showing from a different name

Laugh at the girl in black as she rips her soul apart

That noose gets tighter, tighter each day

Break the mind and break away

Suffer a chance at her loneliness as she tears her world apart

Familiar flames of hatred the same

No one to blame for your unbound pain

But it's true

Laugh at the girl in black while she hangs her noose

Alienated from what she feels

A ghostly touch and it seems surreal

But it's true

This hatred will be your tomb

Laugh away at the girl in black

That casualty you'll never forget

And it's true

Her death lives on inside you