Anxiety settles in, my eye give a little twitch,

My skin crawls, bug-like chills making my body itch.

It is like a strike to the heart, a skull shattering blow

Raining down upon me like many years of snow.

My heart races to the beat of it's own sporadic drum,

All this weight has only left me feeling numb.

I want to scream and shout, throw a fit and collapse,

My mind only pounds through this deadly lapse.

It's been far to cloudy, I long to see the sun,

I need to bathe in its glow, to push off the ton.

My stomach churns, clenched in an iron fist,

The oppression of time hangs over me like a mist.

But I will get through this, I am not close to being done.

I want to yell at the pressure, to tell it it has not won.

Even through the sun has yet to come out,

I refuse to just sit here and pout.

So child, now sprint, flaunt your colors to the sky,

Don't waste time to ask why it had to be so high.