Phone rang twice then the voice at the other end said:
"Move in". click.
Looking at the view of Honolulu from this POV was something he would never get tired of. It took him 35 minutes to get up here. It made him feel powerful. It reminded him of strategy video games. Kind of like playing God..the creator..the destroyer. Flashing, moving lights made the whole scene alive. He pulled his DSLR camera from the bag and carefully attached it to the tripod. After adjusting the settings he took three 5 seconds exposures. Same as usual. They would go next to the other 300 or so HDR pictures he had in his portfolio. But these ones were special: they were taken on a meaningful night.

Not far, Richard was cooking some fried chicken with diced mushrooms. It was 2:45 AM yet he was ready to eat like it was lunch time. Working out late made him go to bed well after normal people do. The TV was set on the news. Another explosion in the middle east.. 13 marines dead... another shooting spree in a school in Ohio...nothing new..nothing unusual. A short burst of beeps caught his attention. He stopped moving and started counting in his head: "One...Two...Three...Four...Five" then again: "Beep Beep Beep". He counted again to five, then again Beep Beep Beep. He carefully placed the pan on the stove and he ran in the adjacent room. An array of monitors lit up his face. He looked carefully at the one with the red light blinking above. Four shadowy figures were moving through the bushes.
"God damn could have at least let me finish eating..". He sat down and started typing something on one of the three keyboards in front of him. When the confirmation command was sent , things in the room went into a frenzy: monitors were flashing, sparks were flying everywhere and a strong burned plastic smell filled the room along with the smoke associated to it. After a few seconds complete silence. The only thing still beeping was a machine on a different desk. It was sending short beeps..then longer ones..then again shorter ones... By the time it finished beeping and Richard drank a glass of water, a black tube flew through the front window. 2 seconds later it exploded. He did not fight it. He knew better. He kept his eyes closed and covered his ears. He knew very well what a flashbang looked like. Next thing he felt were 2 pairs of arms lifting him and tying him down on a chair. He did not open his eyes. He had no interest to do so. Calmly, he started counting the seconds: "One...two...three...".