"Yesterday, in the small town of Wacovia, Daawinaki, a veritable time bomb of sorts finally exploded for all to see. About a week ago, reports began to emerge from the borough of chemical poisonings on the site of the former Mavis Rubbers & Chemicals plant, but the provincial government shrugged these reports off and went about its usual business.

"It began with boy from the local high school, who fell ill after coming in physical contact with the contaminated ground. Then, three days later, four innocent children playing in the field after school became covered in the toxic slime after a chasm opened beneath their feet. They, as well as their parents eventually also fell ill and were placed in the hospital for treatment of chemical burns and other ailments brought about by the waste.

"It is truly tragic when a people cry unto their government for help, but receive no answer. But the answer was forced to come after Heaney Creek burst into flames two more days later, water contaminated to the point that it burns. Never, in all Orbin history has there been known such utter recklessness and lack of concern for innocent people. This is Jim Spinet reporting, OBC World News."

Jim Spinet stood approximately 100 feet away from blazing Heaney Creek, reporting the issue for the entire nation to see. Closer in, firemen were combatting the blaze. About 400 yards northwest, men in hazmat suits were taking closing off Mavis field and taking readings.

Half a mile away, on a hill, stood Chrome Bumper, Susie, Gilbert, Rusty, and Mrs. Crantz, looking on as all this took place. Satisfied that it was finally being taken care of, but hating that it had to have ever happened, and praying for those still in the hospital due to industrial and government negligence.