Chapter 1

I have never thought that things I sometimes imagine in my head might ever come true. Being an anticipated reader and a young writer makes you somehow familiar with almost most of the scenarios that might occur in any normal teenage life. Yeah, I am a normal teenage thought I've never thought I might become one day. The picture of the nerd had been clinging in my imagination for quite a long time until I discovered that you might keep your faith and live with your priorities without being one. All those thoughts kept roaming in my mind on my way to school, the main subject I've been trying to avoid thinking about is still at the back of my mind in the shape of a humming back ground. Staring out of the window and watching the cars passing by was one my favourites. Not only do I watch from the car but also from our class. Though I hate the fact of being very noticeable but watching people rambling, joking or flirting gave me a sense of power I never felt when am on earth with them. The car stopped in front of my school and I hanged my back to get out. As I turned my head to look out of the window, my breath stopped. As I mentioned before, unprepared situations always catch me off guard and I can't act in a proper action. The beat of my heart became audible as I felt the ghost of my wound chasing me once again. I took a deep breath, wore my poker face and somehow managed to keep my eyes glassy only reflecting what a person can see but never reveal what is inside. I had successfully got out of the car before my driver fleeted off the ground to leave me alone facing a new school day… a new pain-free day. I decided to get over my disappointment and just move on. As soon as I felt him meeting my gaze by accident I looked at the other direction not caring about what he might think of that. For some reason, I felt like he acted that way,too. I guess he hates me. Seriously, he Does! He no longer bother talking to me or crack one of his jokes. I don't know if I did something wrong but… because of him I already lost one my friends thought I don't really think she deserves the title. Not because of jealousy I swear but she never cared about strengthening our friendship and telling Alec, the boy I had a crush on him, everything I told her wasn't a clever thing, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING and somehow she thinks I never detected that. All those thought crumbled in my mind and spinned with an intensity I no longer feel it while I was crossing the street. My mind went blank when I heard someone calling.

"Where are you going?" Someone shouted, a recognizable voice behind.

"The car will hit her !" A closer voice answered, getting closer and closer. Alerted of the coming danger, and the roar of a wild engine, I looked at the right of the road and saw a white BMW car racing towards me. I froze in place as all my muscled paralyzed and I was no longer capable of even screaming. I was going to die… I thought as soon as I saw the person inside have lost conscious and his foot was hitting the accelerator to a maximum speed. So sure of the fact, I closed my eyes and waited for a fraction of a second. I was hit… but it didn't feel right. Instead of the hard iron dashboard, something soft caught me …almost carried me from the ground and pushed me to the safe side. Instinctively, my hand clung around his neck for the moment till I felt the car had passed us. Exhausted, the realization hit me, it is a person. I unwrapped my intertwined fingers from his neck and draw back, catching my breath.

"You okay?!" the person asked with urgency in his tone and I recongnized he was the one who warned me.

"Yeah… " I managed to choke out, still shacked.

I took, for the first time, an account of the boy in front of me. He was a middle-heighted teenager in his sixteen wearing a blue chemise pulled up to his elbows, a dark jeans and Nike sneakers. His oval face was fair yet flushed with a hint of red that was soon gone. His brown hair was silky and smooth as well as his blue eyes. I realized he was the boy standing with Alec.

It hadn't been three seconds since he pushed me and, retrieving the thought of clinging on him, I blushed and looked at the ground trying not to seem obvious. I have never past something like that and I didn't know how to react but it would have been so unfair if I treated him unconscious of his favour.

I was about to ask about the car when the crushing sound of the car stopped us both. Luckily, no one was hurt but the fence of one of the buildings. People gathered around the car and got the man. I stood, watching them as the carried the man. I was so occupied with what happened as my tears slowly dropped though the situation wasn't one of its kind. The tears stained colourlessly on my pink school uniform and the boy as the boy noticed, it seemed he wanted to comfort me.

"Are you sure you're okay?" He said, with a concerned tune.

"Thanks for you help, I wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for you, wrong place wrong time."

I said meaning my presence at this moment and not conscious that it might also refer to his presence.

"No, right place, right time." He answered slowly. I thought about asking what he meant but shut up when I saw Alec running in our direction.

"You okay, guys?" He asked.

I looked at the ground, not wanting to meet his gaze. There was never any kind of direct relation but so little since our, somehow, non-verbal fight. May be it was unfair or makes no sense but staying near him or her made me in pain. Depending on that I decided to be selfish and do what suits me best.

"yeah don't worry." He replied, playing my role for which I was grateful.

After ignoring him for a significant time, I couldn't get rid of the thought that it wasn't his fault. Hating me was not an excuse.

"Guess we have to go, we have a class, remember?" I asked and he replied with a nod which made me regret my kind thoughts

"Okay… see you later." The boy said with a smile, a pure one. Not wicked, not a smirk but a friendly smile and I smiled in respond acting naturally. I didn't know whether he meant me, or Alec or both of us and kept thinking of that on my way to class with Alec who left as soon as he found a couple of his friends.

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