That night, I almost didn't sleep. Just kept tossing and turning in my bed while thinking about Omar's words over and over again, extracting their true meaning and clinging on every word. But the question that kept nagging me, tapping my shoulders and ignoring my continuous tries of ignoring it was so vivid in my mind. Did he knew about the… about last night, the kiss?. That question was not the only thought roaming in my mind that day. I thought about Omar's words as well. I wanted to see you. Did Alac know too his reason? All of a sudden, the lines started to combine together, drawing a sensible picture. It was like every word and action was a tiny dot on the picture where looking at it as an individual would be of no help. So, I backed up, looked at it from a new perspective and Poof here is it! Sara's unnecessary questions on the next day of the accident popped in mind. The way all her questions were centered about having a boyfriend or falling for someone these days. Even more, my descriptions for that person. Okay, let me get this right. It was not a coincidence that Omar was there that day near school. He wanted to get introduced to me for six months, and for some reason I didn't like that fact.

After all my intellection, I finally fell asleep like a baby bird in its nest. These days, I have been begging exhaustion to take the better of me, to knock me out of this world. Eventually, it did, taking me to the strangest lands. And so I slipped and drifted deeper and deeper until…

"Nooooooooooooo " I Screamed, sitting abruptly in my bed as my alarm rang higher higher as if competing my screams, and I won.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" My sister turned in her chair to see me with shocked eyes.

I took a deep breath and started murmuring It's just a dream, just a dream. Alac and Sara are not yet married.

"Nothing, I was just having a bad dream. Sorry to interrupt you with, whatever you were doing."

"I was painting that girl on the paint program. What do you think of it?"

"What brought Dad's laptop here on my desk?" whirly, I asked.

"Me, I only wanted to paint my picture." Tania said in a small voice, that kind that would drag anger out of you like an ice cream dragging heat out of your body on a hot august day. But I resisted

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop playing with Dad's stuff?" I said with resentment.

"I'm sorry." She said in an apologetic tune. "Mmm, Claire, would you help me close all those files. I don't know how I opened them.

"Let me see." I got out of the bed and took a look at the files before closing them. Though I understood zero percent, they seemed to be related to Dad's last mission.

"what time is it?"

"It's one o'clock."

"one? Well, I still have got few hours to… wait! Is it Sunday?"

"No, coco mind. It's Monday. "

"Oh Crap ! " I hurried to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth furiously before kicking my sister off my desk to start doing my late homework for today's lessons. Monday. I thought and my heart throbbed inside with the idea. I don't know whether that was a result of panic, of hatred or of the unknown coming. Whatever it was, my heart couldn't take it lightly

Walking steadily towards Dr. Rana's door, I stopped, checked my self one last time at the mirror in front of the gate, took a deep breath and ran the bell. From the outside, I heard her, the other her and finally him. The three of them were racing towards the door like five years old children who were waiting impatiently for the candy man to pass by and give them free sweets. Or maybe that was what I expected to hear, their normal behavior. However, I heard nothing but a slow steady pace approaching the door, a hand twisting the door knob, and the slow crack of the door as it was opened. I could feel the deep breath he was taking. Before the door was fully opened, my eyes met his. Both of us froze in place on the door. He looked at me with a tiny drop of shock on his face and so did I.

"Alac, Who is it?" a familiar voice asked. Below him, Sara sat on the sofa, tilting her head backwards to see the comer. In her hand was her answer sheet.

"Com'n." He said, his eyes looking somewhere else. Not from non-interest but a kind of nervousness?

"Thank you." I replied in a whisper.

"Oh Claire ! I've missed you so much!" She said, getting of the sofa to embrace me in a lasting hug.

"I missed you, too !" I said, wondering if that would make me manipulated. No, I actually did miss her. "Where is ?!"

"In the inside, today is one of the quietest days ever. Very few people came today." She said in a lighted tune

Oh man, does it always have to be that way.

"Good. I will goto her."

While all the talking and as I made my way to the room inside, I felt Ali's gaze just as intense as that day. As I walked through the apartment's hall, the one which Dr. Rana had rented to teach in her private lesson and it was on the same building she lives in, I wondered if Sara had any idea about the night too. But it was clear enough that she knew nothing. I knocked the door before going inside and found inside with a couple of students and Nada, the "other her" I mentioned before.

Yes, she was always with Sara and Alac roaming around and probably copying all their required tasks. Nada was not what you can call a beauty queen. She was short and somehow plump. Not fat, just plump with dark hair and eyes. Although the contrast between her white skin and her hair was noticeable, she was fair enough for Sara to let her join them. Regarding all the time I past with Sara, I knew how she thinks. Simply, Nada was not that girl that would ever steal Alac from her. That was what Sara would be thinking of, Pathetic. I smiled, knowing that feared me more than anyone else in our class. Regarding to Nada, who is an incomparable observant, She did fear me. Sometimes I feel like she wants to put him in her bag and close on him while you are around. Nada's words echoed in my mind as I was greeting my teacher and my smile got even wider. I swear it's not a wicked smile, well, maybe a little. But the idea that she was always the one throwing herself at him was ridiculous.

gave me a test to start with and I moved out of the room, wondering "where am I supposed to sit? Shall I go and stay with them or move to another room?" My legs moved me forward and I obeyed with a throbbing heart. I stood in front of the room's door, where they were sitting alone and wondered if Sara would take him and move out. She would. Carefully, I opened and closed the door before even moving my gaze off it. As Quiet as ever, I grabbed the chair beside Sara to sit. Simply, I had no choice other than to sit across from him which would be, I suppose, better than next to him. No, it was never easier. I couldn't dare look at him and I never knew the way he looked at me now or the message behind it. With a deep breath, I started answering.

"What test did give you?" Sara asked, as a kind of an obligatory question before she grabs Ali from his shirt to take him the hell out of here.

"Mmm 2010." I answered, still looking down.

"I answered that one, Alac I am hungry. Why don't we go buy some food from KFC?"

I sighed.

"No, I am not hungry."

Shocked, I looked up and found his eyes as tender and steady as ever on me. As You can see, A private lesson with Dr. Rana lasts about 5-6 hours, so we are allowed go out and order some food whenever we want.

"Err" Sara stood still at the room's entrance, maybe waiting for him to change his mind, or from shock. Her eyes kept searching for his with no answer as it didn't move from me, neither did I.

"Alac? You are not coming with me?" she asked again.

"I ate half an hour are the one who didn't eat. If you wanna go, no one is holding you back. "

He finally sat me free to look at her again as if acknowledging his last words. I remembered then the day they fought and she would walk all alone the street. Once she came crying, saying that some boys threw cans on her. The other time she tripped and fell. Again, I wondered why that never happened to us whether me or Nada when we were alone. Pathetic Again.

"Okay." She said as whole as ever with a slight tune of ego. "Claire, come with me. I don't want to go alone, or you are staying here too?" the hidden evil was so clear at the last sentence. I didn't know how to reply.

"It's not that late for you to go alone. And Claire have got a test to finish on time. She is not like us, you know."

"I asked her."

"I have just came here I am not hungry." I said." If you are afraid to go my driver could drive you there." I rushed through the words

"Fine then." She said, standing unevenly in her place

"Sara if you wanna go, go, Claire's car would drive you." Alac's words were shockingly strong. I have never heard him talk that way to her. The tune of his voice made me wonder, did he ever love her? I doubt that. No, he never did and Sara know that quite well. He told her, she is just a friend. But she never deserved to be anyway, it's absolutely sickening the way she got him. Pretending, crying, smiling angelically. I don't get her! The way she moved inside him that protective feeling, as if she needs his shelter, as if she unconsciously convinced him she is his responsibility. To be honest, I NEVER understood what ind of relation they have, and neither of them offered the information. So officially I am blind.

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