Sitting on a comfy chair in the Blue Hills Library was just what I needed. I had a copy of Romeo and Juliet in my hands, reading it for the… 16th or 17th time. Reading Romeo say that he loves Juliet even though he just met her in a party he wasn't supposed to go to is so romantic. The famous balcony scene always makes me melt as if Romeo was talking to me instead of Juliet.

Why can't I find my Romeo? Oh yeah, I was placed in a stupid mental intuition for girls.

The library was large, something I really didn't expect from a mental institute. They had everything from young adult to mystery novels. I didn't expect that either. Blue Hills houses girls from 12 to 20 and I think about 2 percent of them actually read classic books like me.

I came here right after dinner. Dinner today was something I couldn't quite explain. It was meatloaf surprise or something else, but it was meat. It didn't taste like Grandma Milly's meatloaf, but I managed to stomach it. It was served with mushy French fries and water. I'd rather eat McDonald's fries than eat the fries served here.

I flipped the page and continued reading. I wondered what we learned in Miss Leppert's class today. Actually, I wondered what we learned in every class today. It's been about two weeks since I enrolled in Blue Hills. I know most kids will love to be out of school for two weeks. But, I am not most kids. I want to be in that purple, Panther Pride, musical, dramatic, sporty, and familiar school again. And, dare I say it; I wish I had some homework to do.

I read over the script, imagining I am on a stage with a handsome Romeo for the famous balcony scene. No matter how hard I try not to imagine this, I do anyway. This scene is so pretty and romantic, how can I not? My favorite lines are coming up. I remember when I first read this when I was in 7th grade, I quoted this lines forever. They sounded so romantic in my 13-year-old eyes. One year later, I still love that scene.

Romeo says he'll swear to the moon about his love for Juliet. However, she doesn't want him to swear by the moon. When he asks what to swear by, she replies (paraphrased, of course) 'Don't swear at all, or swear by your self.' It is just so romantic!

It takes me a few minutes to realize I have been on the same page for 20 minutes. I flip the page, continuing to read the most romantic thing in the world. I would hate to see the day when no one cares for Romeo and Juliet anymore. Or when any works of Shakespeare are banned.

I look up from the book and see the setting sun from the window. I am on the second floor of the building, and I can see a wonderful view of the sunset. It glimmers off of the snow, like the way it do on a body of water in the summer. This sunset is the same one from the Harrison Fair.

Harrison Fair. The cotton candy. The over sweetened lemonade. The crowds of people on the dance floor. The rides littering the fair grounds. I looked forward to the fair every year. I go there with Scott and Ryan to watch Kyle show off his bulls, pigs, and horses. I love watching Kyle barrel race his horse Scootaloo, a pure bred Quarter horse. Scootaloo is fast, and he's the sweetest horse ever.

I go to the fair for the week it is open. I visit the horse barn, where Scootaloo is housed for that week. I go to the pig and bull stalls. I also ride the rides. They aren't like Cedar Point rides, considering the small amount of space. But, Scott, Ryan, and I still have fun. I have been to the Community Dance every year and this year was special for two reasons. One, it was being held outside for the first time in sixteen years. Two, Scott said he was going to dance with me. I could barely keep my excitement in me.

The smell of popcorn, animals, and sweat seeped all together on the dance floor. People from ages 5 to 60 were all at the Community Dance. It was held near the back entrance, where bands perform every day. Instead of a band, there was a DJ. The DJ was great. He played everything from Elton John to Lady Gaga. I wish he came to Harrison dances. Anyway, the dance was there to celebrate the last day of the fair until next August. Because of that reason, the fair stayed open an extra hour that Saturday night. Normally, it closes at 10. But, thanks to the Community Dance, it closes at 11. All the more reason to not go home.

The dance didn't start until 8 o'clock, when the sun was preparing to set. Around the wooden dance floor, there were supports like a canopy bed. I guess it was to protect the dance from the rain, if it did rain. On the supports, there were white Christmas lights looped on the posts. On the crisscrossed canopy above the dance floor was the same thing. White Christmas lights looped around the wooden supports. It gave enhancement to the stars.

Everyone was already on the dance floor before 8 o'clock. Scott, Ryan, I were among those who were waiting on the dance floor. Kyle would be there within an hour because he was cleaning up the barns where Scootaloo, his pigs and cows were. He was also taking Scootaloo home.

"They really out did themselves this year." Ryan exclaimed, pulling me over to the dance. I stumbled over my cowboy boots and almost lost my balance when Scott came over and pulled me up.

"Whoa, cowgirl. Don't hurt yourself." He smiled at me. Scott and Ryan cleaned up nicely as a typical Harrison boy. Plaid, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. They made their hair look nice by combing it back. Both of them even had white cowboy hats on.

"Thank you, Scott." I replied, getting my balance back. I was also dressed…er…cowgirl-ish. Black short shorts, black tank top, dark plaid jacket above my tank top, black cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat was my attire that night. The boots and hat was Kara's, Scott's older sister.

Everyone at the fair was dressed Western. Some went all out, bandanas and all. Others ditched the bandana, blue jeans, long sleeved shirts…in other words, some dressed like sluts. They coat on eye make up (I'm guilty as charged) and, practically, cut their clothes in half. I guess I could be charged with that, but I wasn't trying to find a guy. It was just really humid outside that day.

Once the clock struck 8, the DJ turned on the music. It started with a bang, and went from there. The songs were all fast, making sure we heated up the dance floor hotter than what it was. The crowd was really into these dances, even the line dances. Some of the older people asked the younger kids how to do the dances, and they showed them. The Cha Cha Slide was hilarious when a 60 something year old man trying to 'get low on the floor'.

At around 9, I heard the familiar guitar chords of my favorite song. It was slower, and it was the right song to dance with Scott. He stretched out his hand, and I grasped it. He spun me in a circle and pulled me closer to him.

His embrace comforted me. I had both of my hands looped around his neck, heat radiating into my palms. I looked to the sky, seeing a multitude of stars. I took in the sky filled night and placed my head on his chest. This was the first time I ever slow danced with anyone. And now I know how magical it can feel.

"Hey, Flower." His voice sneaks its way into my ear. I look up at him.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I just realized. You don't really remind me of a flower." I was taken aback. Was he referring to my name or my demeanor?

"Excuse me?"

"You're name is a flower, right?" I nod, not sure where he was taking this. "Flowers are delicate and fragile and will break at the slightest amount of pressure forced on them. You, however, are not like a flower. You're strong and can handle any amount of pressure put on you. You remind me of a dragon."

"I breathe fire and I am huge?" I'm still not sure if this is a compliment or insult. But, he did call me strong and not delicate. I guess it is a compliment.

"Not exactly, Iris. And you know what else? Someone told me dragons can't cry because of how strong they are. I haven't seen you cry since I've known you. You're my dragon, Iris. Promise me I won't lose my dragon. I need you, strong dragon."

"I promise you won't lose your dragon." The conversation seemed odd, but not to me. We have had weirder conversations than this. He has compared me to fire, smoothies, and even iPods before. This was nothing.

As the song was drawing to a close, he took my hands and spun me around like Cinderella. After I was done spinning, I leaned my head up against his chest. If only Scott saw me at my house. He wouldn't be calling me his dragon.

Once the song was over, he let me go. I walked off the dance floor and into the open. I stared up at the stars. I spotted the Little Dipper and Big Dipper. I looked harder, noticing a pattern in the stars. I connected some of them with my finger and they started to look like a rigid dragon. Beside the dragon, I traced a fireball of flames. Ever since that dance, I have thought of dragons, just for Scott.

I felt a tap on my left shoulder. When I turned, I saw a man, dress in typical Harrison plaid and blue jeans. He was just a bit taller than me, and he was no where near his teens. He was definitely in his 20s. He opened his slim mouth, flashing me his teeth.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I would like to dance with you." His voice rings in my ears. It wasn't high-pitched, but I haven't heard his voice before. He was probably new to Harrison, but at least he learned what Harrison boys wear before coming to the fair. And he had some manners to him. I liked that in a man.

"Yes, I would like to dance with you." I grabbed his rough hands and he led me back onto the dance floor.

"Hey, it's time to head back to your room!" a voice spoke out to me. I shook my head and noticed the sun was gone. I looked at the clock on the wall: 8:43pm. I closed Romeo and Juliet, realizing I never left the balcony scene. I put it back on the shelf and exited the library.

I walked down the hall to the stairwell, down the stairs and to my right. I was in the Rooming Hall and I entered my room. My name was written on the dry-erase board with some doodles I made when I first came here. I slipped into some pajamas, not in the mood to read before I sleep. I got into my bed and close my eyes. The song from the fair rang in my head as I drifted off to sleep.