Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the poem!


We make excuses to

Touch each other.

Both of us.

Transparent moments caught

By our raw eagerness

And we,

Two lost in the lucid remnants,

Are the only ones who see.

They are the shortest,

Most deceivingly insignificant

moments that ignite

Our glimmering flame.

A brush;

Your finger,

Your shoulder,

Against mine.

Nobody feels the


Sees the earth quake,

But us.

I carve your face

in my memory.

That pensive, determined

Sculpted and beautiful


I want to make it mine;

to claim it.

Pale, cold

Lips puckered and eyes hard.

I sense you conjuring

My own dark features in your thoughts

Claiming them as I

Claim yours,

As we once claimed

Each other.