A pretty sunny day,

Should never go to waste,

Every day is like the last,

In this rotten dried up place,

I want to play a game,

But my hand is slapped away,

The "teachers" say behave,

I'm never to complain,

They threaten me with needles,

When I wanted to play tag,

I'm sure that's not allowed,

How 'bout "catch the flag"?

I'm always on my own,

'Alone' I must be taught,

The "teachers" that know nothing,

About my train of thought,

Hunched over on my bed,

Stuck in this room for years,

A barrier of drugs,

To fight my darkest fears,

A knife is how I play,

To lend a helping hand,

I've thought of a cool game,

"The last man left to stand"?

This is "Child's Play". It's about a man in a psychiatric ward, stuck in a 'school based' daydream, in which he just wants to play a game (murder) and can't understand why nobody wants to play. Reviews are appreciated.