Here's another poem, I hope you like it!


not when you cry


somebody. That's not it.

When you cry


Somebody. That's it.

not when memories come painfully

flooding back

blinding the reason with the storm

heaves as loud as thunder

When his Memories put him in

The rain.

Lightning strikes his Heart with a crack.

Your heaves still as

Loud as thunder.

not when the closeness bears the weight

of stone

coherent thought clouded in the agony

silent breathless screams

When the stone instead on his

Warm Chest.

Pulses slowing with his Tortures.

Your screams still

Silent and breathless.

not when the static is enough to

break you

connections sensed but left to wither

tormented whimpers

When he is deteriorating, breaking in

The Distance.

His Cries echoing in his head.

Your whimpers still


not when your knees buckle

in desire

demons clawing at the crumbling walls

pleas for help

When his Desires evade him and

Scar him.

Chains holding down his trembling Limbs.

You plead still

For help.

not when you cry from


When you cry from

His Pain.