The location of this story has not been disclosed due to the wishes of Ms. Ashton and Mr. Noble. They know how young people are very curious and sometimes make stupid decisions, much like the mistake they had made. They know how you are and they know that despite the owner of the Greythorne castle losing his inspirations for deadly puzzles, the place is still very much dangerous.

Think of it as a safety hazard.

Chapter 1

Never going to trust that boy again… was the only thought going through Blake Ashton's mind as she waited impatiently outside the Greythorne cemetery. It was a chilly night and foreboding dark clouds covered the moon so the only light came from her dim flashlight.

She shuddered, making her entire body stiffen. She involuntarily brushed a strand of her short, cobalt black hair behind her ear, only for it to slip out again. Her attire consisted of a heavy forest green winter coat, dark skinny jeans and a pair of weathered, torn-up, red sneakers. In the poor lighting she almost completely blended in with the mossy stone that made up the cemetery wall.

Earlier that day, during school, she had made a pact with her friends that she could last a whole night on the Greythorne estate on her own.

"I'll be fine. Besides, it's not like there will be anything there." She reassured Alice, who was the more timid of anyone in the group.

"She's got a point there, Alice." Marc, a charismatic young man, put his hand on Alice's shoulder in a comforting way.

"Who's got a point?" Blake cringed at the sound of his voice.

His name was Jonathan Noble. To most people, he was the "too cool for you" rebel, but to Blake he was the obnoxious, wannabe bad boy. From the first day had met, they had hated each other. Blake thought he was egotistical. Jonathan thought she was stuck-up. Her friends knew not to mention him if they wanted to see the light of another day. She didn't even want to know what he told his friends about her.

Her friends snickered when he appeared behind her. Tania, a more gothic styled young lady, mouthed, smiling, Guess who?

"I have a point." Blake said through her teeth, not amused.

"She thinks she can go a night at the Greythorne Castle." A rather odd boy, Aerin was his name, smiled.

"The Greythorne place? I heard there was a vampire living there. Wouldn't want the little princess to get bitten, would we?" Jonathan asked in a mocking, slimy tone.

"Vampires?" Blake raised an eyebrow. "I'll wear a turtleneck, but thanks for the concern."

"Are you sure? I'll come too, just in case." Jonathan's tone of voice surprised her. It sounded much too sincere and serious for him.

"Not on yo-" Blake replied automatically, regardless of sentiment, but was interrupted.

"She'd love to!" Alice squeaked nervously. Blake wasn't sure of her intentions, but since it was Alice, she suspected that it was because her friend was worried about her.

"Sounds great then. See you at… eleven outside the cemetery gate." Lance grinned triumphantly. "Oh, and if you get scared, tell me before we go inside."

Blake shot a glare at Alice for getting her into the uncomfortable situation she was now enveloped in, but seeing the terrified and innocent look, it quickly melted away.

"Have fun!" Tania chuckled. Now Tania, Blake could get mad at. She wasn't as sweet and adorable as little Alice.

Now she was waiting for the egotistical young man outside of the cemetery. From a distance she could hear the sound of a wolf howling. A vicious fog had set in, but Blake remained calm. The castle was nothing but a building, its fame originating from mere rumors. There wasn't anything even moderately frightening around here.

An owl hooted right near Blake's ear, startling her. She nearly jumped into the trees when she felt someone grip onto her shoulder.

"W-Who's there?!" She turned around, only to be greeted by Jonathon smirking down at her.

"Already jumpy and we haven't even gone in yet? I expected more from you, little princess!" He snickered. Blake scowled at the nickname he gave her.

"I see you couldn't bother to show up at the time you decided on." Blake retorted, pointing a finger at him accusingly.

"I had some… things I had to take care of."

Blake rolled her eyes and strode over to the gate of the cemetery and crouched done to examine the lock. It was rusted shut, but she could make out faint letters something like this: RE DY O LA ? Blake figured that some of the words had been rubbed out over the years and that's why it looked like complete nonsense. The lock didn't seem to have a key or a combination on it, but with a quick tug, it snapped right off, falling to the marshy soil.

"Scared?" She muttered, glancing up at Jonathan, who looked completely at ease with his hands stuffed in his brown, leather jacket and his stare all-knowing.

"Not even a little bit." He smirked down at her.

It may be harder to get rid of him than I thought… Blake thought as she entered the cemetery, unaware of the figure watching them from the shadows.