Jason was temporarily blinded when he opened his eyes. Yellow sunlight attacked his eyes and made him groan in pain. A hammer was pounding at the inside of his skull and his mouth was dry and shriveled. He ran his hands across his unshaven jaw, nails scratching at the pale skin. The sandy grains of sleep were wedged in the corners of his eyes and he quickly wiped them away.

He sat up, a brilliant golden-red curl of hair hanging in front of his face. "Hello there," Jason said in a handsome baritone voice. He tilted his head to the side, carefully observing the lock of hair.

Long, slender legs clothed in dark blue denim stretched beyond Jason's torso. A pair of black Converse was strapped to his large feet with bright turquoise shoelaces. Pale hands clashed with shiny black leather sleeves that stretched over deceivingly weak arms and broad shoulders. Beneath the leather jacket, a semi-wrinkled gray shirt plunged into a v-neck and tucked itself into a denim waistband and a brown belt.

Soft footsteps reached Jason's ears. He looked over his shoulder and let out a strangled yelp of surprise. The brunette holding a golf club above her head jumped and yelped in response.

"W-Who are you and what are you doing in my backyard?" she asked, dark brown eyes outlined in a fearful green.

It took a moment for Jason to remember words, he was so startled. "Jason. I-I, I'm Jason. Who are you?"

"Kate." Kate shook her head in frustration and added, "But that doesn't matter. What are you doing in my backyard?"

Jason opened his mouth to reply, but no words came forth; he had no possible answer. He looked up at Kate, his ever-changing eyes soft and sad. "I don't know. I can't remember anything."

The golf club lowered and two newly waxed eyebrows came together. "You can't remember? Nothing at all?"

A moment of silence hung heavily in the air. Jason shook his head in confusion, his brain suddenly feeling very distanced from the rest of his body. He blinked once, twice, three times. A distorted image came to mind: the faint outline of a… rectangle? Yes, a sideways rectangle that could somehow fly faster than the speed of light. A foreign, yet familiar phrase followed the image as it shot into the empty space of his mind: In Hospes of Vicis.

"Timeship," he blurted.


Jason stared straight into the girl's almond shaped eyes. "I have a timeship."