Did it really have to all go to hell on the first shot?

"Owl, do you have still an eye on the target?" the cybernetic voice asked, traveling across the radio waves, and changing itself to disclose the speaker to all but the ones who knew who was at the other end of the voice.

"L... Shut the hell up, I'll tell you if I lose the target." the female cybernetic voice replied, annoyance leaking off her tone.

"Alright, alright, don't forget to then." he replied

"Hey guys, when do you want me to blow it up?" another cyber voice asked anxiously awaiting the explosion.

"Ninja! Shut up!" they both yelled at him over the comm link.

He winched, and replied "Gah! GUYS! THAT WAS LOUD! But come on, ye can't blame a guy for wanting to see an big explosion..."

They remained quiet, and he decided to do the same.

"Okay, begin operation... NOW!" L said, as he began his accent up the building, running up along its side, spike jabbing out of his heels into the surface of the buildings hard concrete, carrying his spear behind him in one hand.

Owl ran, and flipped off the top of the building, sled down the side, and kicked off, rolling on the ground, softening her fall. She continued running, activated her camo, and hid next to a door, retrieving her knives from her sides, preparing to kill anyone who exited the door. While Ninja, hobbled across the original roof, holding a large case by its handle, and pulling a small flip switch from his right pocket. He placed it on the ledge of the roof, and opened the case, and pulled out a large 50. caliber rifle, then attached a scope to it. He sat it on the ledge as well, and flipped out the kick stand, then started aiming, and setting the sights right. He then activated his HUD, and it started locking in on the three targets he saw.

"Okay, I have Davids goons in my sights. I am ready to make the kills, and blow a new crater into this tiny planet of boom-boom stuff." he said, muttering the last bit to himself.

He leaned his elbow on the ledge as he waited, and knocked the switch off the side.

"OH SHIT!" he exclaimed, trying to catch it, but it fell just out of his reach.

"Ninja? You better not have messed anything up!" Owl whisper/yelled at him over the comm link.

"N-no, it'a all good." he stuttered out, as he tried to reach for the remote.

"It better be..." she finished, taking guard duty in full seriousness once more.

He gulped, reached again, and managed to grab the remote.

He sighed in relief, pulled himself back up, and admired his ability to get the switch back before he got in trouble.

"NINJA! I SAW YOU ALMOST FUCK UP! DON'T LOSE THAT SWITCH!" Ls voice came blaring across the comm link, almost making Ninja drop the switch again.

"SORRY!" he yelled back.

L huffed over the comm link, and Ninja sighed in relief again. He replaced the switch in his pocket, so he wouldn't risk losing it again. He then went back to the rifle, and sat down, careful not to even touch the rifle fearing he may knock it off the roof. While he did this, L was on top of the other roof, are preparing to enter through the sky light. He pulled out a tiny, sharp knife, and traced it around the inner border of the glass. After completing this, he gently placed his foot on it, and extended a the sharp climbing spike from his heel into the glass pane. It went through without so much as a hitch, and the glass failed to shatter, then the spike extend tiny notches on its side which held the pane on it, and he flicked the pane, knocking it from its place on the skylight. He pulled it out by the spike from his heel, and gently placed it on the ground, distending the spike. He then climbed in the skylight, flipping around, and clinging to the ceiling much like spiderman would've done, were he real

"Ninja, you have the silencer on right?" he asked Ninja, in a faint whisper, who nodded, but then remembered he wasn't anywhere near L.

"Yeah, why? Want me to take the shots?" he asked, standing up, and starting to aim.

"Do it." he told him.

Ninja took aim, and the HUD auto-target took effect, it threw multiple grids up, then lined up each shot perfectly. Ninja was right about to take the shot, when a bus drove by, a bus full of people. The HUD couldn't handle that many targeting checks, and parameters, it went on the fritz. But while this happened, Ninja took the shot, not even realizing it, and he missed each target by a each at least a foot off.

"Damnit..." Kyle muttered, deactivating the HUD, and attempting manual aiming, but they all took cover the moment the first shots missed.

"L, Owl, get out of there! The HUD went on the fritz, and it missed all three shots!" he yelled at them over the comm link.

"Damnit..." they both replied.

At this moment, several goons ran out the door Owl was guarding. She slit the first to exit the doors throat, and a knife extended from her boot as she ran it through the next ones skull, temporarily pinning him to the wall. She brought around her knives, and stuck them into the wall, pulling herself into the air. She used the knives as a platform, and clambered up the wall, then started running across the roof, her camo deactivating.

"L! I need off this building ASAP!" she called out as he was running across the wall next to her.

He didn't even speak as he launched himself from the wall, and threw his spear lower on the building into the concrete of the wall, giving Owl a step to a lower part from which she could get off the building. He continued over her, and slid down the wall into a group of the armed gunmen, decapitating 2 at once with the climbing blades on his wrists, and flinging his heel spikes into the lasts chest, impaling his lungs. As L, and Owl was escaping the heat, Ninja was packing up the 50. cal., and preparing to depart from the roof. As his HUD zoomed in on his 2 comrades, he deemed them far enough away to pul out the switch, and flip it. He threw the used switch down, and hurried for the stairs, gun case in hand, and PDA in the other, already planning their next big assassination.

"Owl, we need a car, and you're the only one who can drive!" L exclaimed, pulling his spear from the wall, and running down to where Owl was.

"On it!" she told him, and slid down the remainder of the building, kicking off, flying into the side of a car, ripping the driver from his seat, and tossing him to the sidewalk.

The ground vibrated, L looked behind him as the building began to erupt in a fiery inferno of flame, and hell-fire. His grunted, and ran along the side of the building, his suit slightly enhancing his speed. He, spear in hand, ran for his life across the wall of the building, following Owl who was driving the car, waiting for the right moment to jump for it. He jumped away from the building, partly towards the car as the wall under where he stood started to explode, and activated his jet boosters in his heels, throwing him onto the roof of the car. He climbed in as they drove by the building Ninja was on, and he got in the back, then they drove away from the explosion as fast as the tiny car would take them. They all removed their helmets, and sighed in relief.

"DID YOU SEE THAT EXPLOSION!?" Ninja exclaimed excitedly, hopping around in his seat like a 2 year old going to Disneyland.

"Kyle... Next you decide to blow up a building, wait until we're off it!" L screamed at his friend, who simply nodded in reply, entering numbers, and letters in on his PDA.

"Steven calm down, we got the target, and that's all that matters right this moment." Owl told him as he simply sighed, and held his head closing his eyes.

"I'm too young for this..." he mumbled out, leaning his head back.

"Taylor, what kind of job do you want next?" Kyle asked from his seat in full seriousness.

"A calm, and simple one." she said groaning as all her bones popped.

"Right." he said, entering more stuff on the PDA.

And so, our car full of teenagers go, looking for their next job.

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