My Escapism

I've come to realize recently, that escapism can be, and is, frowned upon. Now, I've always thought of escapism as a, well, an escape. I thought it was a good thing, a helpful thing, a fun thing. I've always been able to get away from my own life and venture into a whole new world of music, art, and literature. So, why would any one frown upon that? Well, I only just realized that maybe; just maybe, I'm running away from my life.

We all don't have easy life's, it's a given. I don't want to come off as whiney or annoying, but honestly, I am writing this about myself, and my own problems. It also just happens to be a great relief that's better then self harm and suicidal thoughts, just saying. So, what could be so bad that could make me want to succumb to escapism, and basically "run away" from my life? That's what escapism is, right? Escaping and running away are the same thingsā€¦ so why am I escaping from my life? I think I could just plainly list off my problems like counting numbers, but I don't think that would bring out the complexity, the intensity, and the sincerity. So, I'll try writing this in a way the could be understood by another, even by a little bit, even if my writing kind of sucks eggs (I secretly don't like eggs).