A.N: After going through my old files I found this unfinished collaborated story from my Elementary school years. So I decided to take its basic plot and characters and at long last finish it. I am aiming to only make this story four or five chapters long. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it :)

They were like wide globes, dominating their bearer's face, engulfing all into glass

Bright, bright

No consequence of intensity

No end. I tense.

Have you no wings to fly? Have you none?


Owl Eyes Next Door

Chapter 1: They don't blink

"No Mom, I didn't forget to check out the furnace before I bought it. Yes, yes...okay mom. I promise to stay safe, double locked doors and all that jazz. After all that hassle to get me out of the house you would think to actually let me settle in my own now," I rolled my eyes at her response, "Love ya too."

Beep! She hanged up and left me free to rummage inside my bag for the keys. All sorts of paper and whatever else I wanted to stuff in there meshed together like a nest. There was so much to deal with lately this thing had become more hassle than a helper. I should probably deal with that...later.

Several minutes passed and I was growing frustrated. That was the fifth time my hand has passed over the waxy plastic of that tropical peachy lip balm. I was definitely not in a vacation mood. I jiggled my bag curiously. Was it even in here? Nah, that wasn't helping. There were too many zippers and change to hear differentiate the clinking.

I dropped the black bag down in defeat and sighed as I stuffed my hands in my coat pockets. Cold metal brushed my fingers. Cold key-shaped metal brushed my fingers. Congratulations to me, I've just won a facepalm.

Soon enough, I twisted those rascal keys and entered my "new" abode. My movements felt even louder inside without furniture and so there was an empty echo that resided within. Movers were going to come over later this week to drop off my parent's extras that they were giving to me. For now though, I would have to deal with a small table and plastic chairs for the living/dining room and a sleeping bag for my bed. Kind of felt like camping indoors.

Despite all that needed effort, I still looked at these grungy walls with optimism. It would take me at least two weeks to get everything in its place but the end result will be wonderful. I had already finished re-painting all except the living room which meant drapery shopping sometime soon...perhaps tomorrow. Right now, I was tried from work and hungry.

I walked over to the kitchen, one of the few rooms that were complete, shiny and looked younger than a decade. The sun outside seeped in to brush its soft afternoon light like a paintbrush onto the smooth counter, reflecting the hard work of my efforts. The room felt warm from the soft hues of the cupboard and the window mixing together in harmony.

I opened the refrigerator which shocked and cooled my skin. My eyelids lifted a little from the cold as they searched. There were still plenty of ingredients for me to whip up something but I felt too tired to prepare anything. Microwaveable mashed potato and steak will have to do.

As I leaned against the counter, I eyed my closed laptop on the table. With a few presses and clicks I checked my e-mail before switching to the local news. BEEP! BEEP! The mouth watering aroma of wonderful meat filled the air as I opened the door. I ripped apart a couple of paper towels and folded them into pile beside my laptop.

I continued to browse through articles as I took some bites of food. A few fires, more tension out in that horrible westward neighbourhood, a diet gym. The first few scrolls brought up nothing interesting until I got to a declaration from the city police department. There was a never a day without crime, especially for this rapidly growing city but it still caught my eye. It was a week old but there were a few sudden break ins that were happening in the city center residencies. Normally this wouldn't be a cause for alarm but they seem oddly related. Computer parts were being stolen but nothing too significant. They were quite close to a few college and university campuses so authorities suspected student mischief. However, they seemed to be expanding in range, going further for each target. I checked the places at risk...oh look. My house was just at its edge.

Had I been living with my parents, I would have considered this as impossible and clicked away already. But I was alone. In an unfamiliar neighbourhood. I stared at the page, frozen. It was worse than my childhood fear of the boogeyman. Once I regained logical thought, I bolted to check on all the doors and windows. I did this twice for good measure.

Okay, maybe that was an overreaction. I didn't have anything really valuable other than my laptop. Would they want a copy of "Great Expectations by Charles Dickens"? I highly doubted that. Yet, the thought of facing an intruder in my house terrified me. Perhaps, I could dislodge that shower curtain rod and...Wait.

I stopped my mind. This was ridiculous. It would never happen. This was just my mind going wild after watching that stupid movie that my friend had dragged me along to watch. Actually, I could barely remember the plot of that movie; I couldn't watch any of it since my friend would not cease ranting on about the lead actor. I often teased her stalker tendency. Seriously, she needed a boyfriend. I let myself get carried away with this silly tangent thinking until I felt my muscles relax.

I glanced at my computer clock. 7:15. I could go to bed early and finish that book I was forced to put down since my renovating here. With that thought, I shut down my computer to take a shower. I was going to enjoy this peace and freedom, not fear it. Suddenly, there I heard a couple knocks on my window.

My heart beat frantically as I craned my neck around and saw a man there. He waved. I waved cautiously back. He pulled out a large card that said "WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD" and pointed to the door. Oh...a welcome wagon person.

"You know, normal people would ring the doorbell." I said bluntly as I opened the door to greet him.

He was around 6 "3", black hair, green eyes, an odd combination but he didn't scream "scary" at all. He appeared quite scrawny and his short wavy hair was tidy. He wore a brown fall coat with faded jeans, casual and plain. From the looks of his face, he seemed to be about 5-7 years past my age.

He shrugged at my question, "The doorbell seemed to be broken. I rang it for a while." He smiled...weirdly. Or was that just my mind still in paranoia mode. "Well anyways, my name is Steven and I live in the house to your right. Welcome to the Neighbourhood." He handed me a large basket filled with all sorts of samples from local stores and that card from earlier.

"Ah, thank you," I received it, shoving away my suspicions to put on my best smile and then we went on into a short friendly chat. I found out that he worked as an accountant in the building three blocks from mine. This wasn't really surprising. Most people worked in the city center anyways. He listed the local services and stores and I absent mindlessly nodded away. I only really started to listen when he offered to meet up at a cafe later this week, yeah that definitely caught my attention.

With the kindest smile I could give, I rejected. Too much on my mind for a man. Too much to give up looking for one. Besides, he just wasn't my type.

"Can't stop a man from trying," he laughed in response then walked over to his own house as he waved goodbye. I locked the door again and placed the basket to the side. It was getting dark out so I flicked on the lights. I looked at my living room windows again, feeling more exposed now.

Why didn't he just knock on the door?