May I be the first to introduce you to the tattered dystopian thoughts of an industrial-strength cough-syrup/booze review of what may be one of the last great bands with an individual sound to the SCENE (minus the scenesters) in this godforsaken city … may I introduce to you … The New Colors.

The New Colors do not belong in our primary or secondary seven, but instead, are an amalgamation of the colors we see on a daily basis, but we do not multiply, divide, subtract, and add these colors to our imagination. You cannot hear these colors, until you hear this band live. As I type my symplethetic diatribe, I listen to the songs on their website, which do them no justice. No, this is not a band that needs an addition of their wonderful strange presence, and CHEMISTRY (no lads & gents, it ain't just for high-school courses anymore) to describe the aural fixation that the entire bar (staff included – I have not seen them take out their earplugs for a band before) had the luxury of witnessing – and this band played for our privileged audience as they would for a stadium, truly, an aural pleasure we were all blessed and grateful to witness.

In a world of fakery and plastic smiles through a newspaper mask, it is rare enough to find a simple shattered beauty in a band that emanates originality as well as an elegant influence. The New Colors are unlike any band you have ever heard before, but are as familiar as the family living room. They're the campfire you roast your marshmallows for s'mores at. They're the ebb of an ocean wave with a moon's reflection. They're a home away from home. They're not going to give up that easily. They aren't going to slip through your fingertips – this band is not a grain of sand, they are a seashell that echoes not the sounds of the ocean, but the sounds of themselves, the sound they feel and bring from deep down inside. This band is not to be tampered with. This band is not to only listen to, but hear.

So slide into that rainbow my friends, give yourselves an initial; choose only from your limited seven – R-O-Y-G-B-I-V, but I recommend choosing a child of a rainbow – choose something to change your world. Indigos, let me see your ochre shine through. Stick it in your ears, put on your headphones, and listen for the change. Let us not only listen, but hear. The New Colors. Can you hear it?