Lips of soft agony, please release me

My heart pounds like drums beating

I last to be captured only when you're near

Holding it all in makes my soul vulnerable to jeer

Shattered without reasoning causes life to be all too clear

The thought of being away from you seems so mere

Open many doors and we shall stroll the frontier

As long as we're together the blasphemy is obscure

Pleasures of lifes loves is only but agony

Kept emotions pull me away from you entirely

I just need one moment to take in your love for me

And only then will I able to control my feelings

Harsh lies and forbidden words are vicious

When the skin on my back can still feel your wet kisses

Please forgive my blatant denial

My entire life is being put on trial

As I wait to be freed from loves capture

I spend every waking second imagining your rapture

Words of soft agony allow me to breathe

But soft agony is worth experiencing if i can keep you on my sleeve.