Cheese Larinan

Period 3

3 Mach 2012


The Values of Life

Life is something people take for granted

They say, "I'll swear on my life!"

So are you saying you'd die for that stupid promise you made?

That promise to brush your teeth everyday?

That's worth your life?

I see adults wince when they hear children swearing on their innocent lives

They know the value of a life

They know how easily it can be taken

Just what could make them see that?


Death is the only way to see life

It seems odd doesn't it?

But death reveals what human hearts can't see from the darkness and blood that surrounds it

In truth, the human heart is lonely

That is why it accepts death so easily

Because it is a friend in it's darkness

When that person is gone, another cries

That person has learned the value of life

That a person's life is not to be thrown away

That human's shouldn't try to be God and kill their enemies

The funny thing is,

People claim they can take a life,

But when they do they grieve and go into shock and try to take their own lives

That is when you the value of a life

In the end, all people will eventually know the truth that a life is more valuable that anything

We shouldn't waste it on things that could end it sooner

We should push ourselves to reach our goals

Push, but not over that fragile edge

That edge that crumbled when we don't look.