A story or...

Whatever you wish it to be.

I had trouble falling asleep and wrote this little piece and felt a lot better afterwards; very pessimistic pov.

"You Were Right"

I watched as the door closed behind you and I was unable to chase after. I fell against the door and pounded on it fiercely; "please don't shut me out!" I cried, but you did and I can't say that I blame you because; you were right.

Drawn to you because you were different, that's what intrigued me most about you.
You were simple, modest, afraid to even type bad words, and reminded me of an innocence that simply doesn't exist anymore. You were sincere, honest, and put yourself on the line in order to spare others from hurting; that is a true friend.
I took you for granted; you warned me and I didn't listen and now I'm stuck, and you're not here to tell me I dug my own grave. You've left me with a burning desire to tell you; you were right.

I look at others but I don't really know. They say they're mighty beings who surround themselves with even more mighty beings, and that they must be something they're not in order to succeed and it hurts me deep inside to know that this is what's it's come to. They take other people's thoughts and words and make it their own and then take credit for it. There was one kind in particular you had warned me about and all I can say is; you were right.

You shut yourself away from the world and while others see this as utter lunacy I see it as brilliant because you already have everything you need. You have true love sanctioned by the almighty God above. You're there every Sunday trying to better yourself while others act as if God doesn't exist. You work long hours of voluntary service with only your spouse's paycheck to support you both but you do it and you do it gladly. You were the one that told me: "Everything works out better if you just smile."
You celebrate life by going out and being one with nature. You've realized that technology is a wondrous tool but were smart enough to also realize it's a tool that the devil uses as well to rob us of real life. You had turned to me and said; "If you desire true happiness, do these things too, turn away." And I didn't. To this day I still do not know why I didn't and time has only proven to me that; you were right.

Maybe someday you will open that door and realize that I am not really hard of hearts. That despite my years on this Earth I'm still wandering around lost with only God's mercy to guide me; begging to be forgiven for not living up to what has been expected of me.
Perhaps one day I can look at someone who claims to be my friend and genuinely know that their statement is sincere for I can't shake away the feeling that people only use others for their sole convenience; and then push them away when something better appears. That is the way of the world we live in and that is why I hide from it.

I speak these things as a victim but the truth is that I have wronged you, and for that I am more sorry than you will ever realize. I turned away from you because I thought you were like them, I could already anticipate the claws slowly withdrawing from you; you my true friend! and I reacted badly. I pushed you away in the worst way possible and now that I realize my error it is too late.
Nothing I say will make you think less ill of me, not even the fact that I have been crying my soul out since the beginning of this … whatever this is.
I did not need 700 words to tell you; you were right. But I felt I owed you at least that much.