This is a story I wrote for my friend, Sebastian. This is using two characters from one of his books. It's just for fun, just porn really. Enjoy!

"You lost her?"

Mikish cringed, scratching the back of his neck uncomfortably as Xalador stared down at him, his honey-colored eyes narrowed in a harsh glare. Kish sighed, looking off, away from Xalador's sneer.

"It was an accident," he replied innately. He ran a hand through his hair and looked back up at Xalador, who was still seething. Kish could practically see the smoke steaming from his ears. He shifted his weight to his left leg and swallowed, stumbling back when, suddenly, Xalador was pushing him back until his back hit a tree. He winced, pushing Xalador away.

"How could you have made such a stupid mistake?" Xalador asked, still close. He shoved Kish again, and Kish huffed in pain as the bark of the tree scratched his back. Now laden with aggravation and guilt, he shrugged, keeping his eyes down.

"It was an accident," he said again. Xalador scoffed.

"You're pathetic," he barked. "Y'know that?"

Kish shrugged again, brows knitted together. He released a heavy sigh, and Xalador lifted his chin, his hands firm on Kish's jaw. Kish couldn't help but cringe in pain and try to pull away, which didn't help his case at all. Xalador laughed deeply and shook his brown hair out of his eyes as he swiftly spun Kish around so his cheek and chest were pressed flush against the ragged bark of the tree. His feet scrambled under him, trying to run, but with his hands held tightly between his shoulder blades and his feet slipping atop layers and layers of fallen autumn leaves, he was going nowhere fast.

"Let me go!" he screamed. Xalador chuckled, biting Kish's shoulder roughly. Kish wiggled, grunting. "No! What are you doing?"

"Don't you think you deserve a punishment?" Xalador growled, pulling off Kish's shoulder. Kish whined, a sound he rarely made and was not proud of. He felt his cheeks tingle with a blush, but his eyes were hard, trying to catch a glimpse of Xalador.

"Are you going to kill me?" he asked, voice shaking despite himself. It was partially due to anger, partially due to fear, but he'd be less likely to admit the latter.

Xalador groaned. "Just do as I say. You'll be fine." He let go of Kish's wrists and allowed him to turn around. "Go ahead and undress."

Kish raised his brows but pulled off his maroon t-shirt, gently placing it to the side, on top of a pile of wet twigs. He unbuttoned his jeans and slipped out of them, setting them next to his shirt. He looked at Xalador expectedly and bit his lip.

"Underwear, too," Xalador told him. Kish inhaled sharply, nodding as he looked down at his bare, dirty feet and pulled off his underwear with shaky hands. He covered himself, eyes still downcast.

"Good, good," Xalador hummed. "Now, get down on your knees."

Kish frowned, entirely humiliated, and knelt down, using the wet leaves for cushion, though twigs still snapped under his weight. He looked up at Xalador, who was smirking. He pushed Kish's hair away from his face and lifted his chin. Kish swallowed, watching with anxiety as Xalador pulled himself out of his pants, his length already half-hard and heavy in his hand. He began to pump himself, his eyes still on Kish, whose nails were digging into the dirt.

"Suck," Xalador commanded, parting Kish's lips with the tip, which also wetted them with a drop of precum. Kish screwed his eyes shut and opened his mouth, molding his lips around the slick head of Xalador's cock. Xalador immediately let out a low moan, his hands curling into fists around the roots of Kish's sandy hair as he forced himself deeper into Kish's mouth. Kish kept his eyes shut, his breath coming in short puffs from his nose. "Jesus, Kish, your mouth is so fucking hot and wet."

Kish gasped softly, pulling his now dirty hands up from the groynd. They shook slightly, resting on Xalador's hips. Xalador stopped him, though.

"Put your hands behind your back," he ordered, jerking his hips. Kish gagged and tried to pull off as he put his hands behind his back, but Xalador moaned and held him in place. "Mikish..."

Somehow, the way he gasped Kish's name made something erupt in Kish, who moaned softly around Xalador's cock. He opened his eyes momentarily, gagged again as Xalador eased himself deeper down his throat, forcing Kish to deep throat. Though slightly turned on, Kish still felt the nerve to heave, his eyes stinging. He screwed them shut again and sucked gently, working his tongue against the smooth underside of Xalador's cock.

"Are you crying?"

"No," he mumbled around Xalador. His throat tightened, and he gagged again, pulling off to heave, tears streaming down his cheeks. He watched a glistening trail of saliva drip to the ground, creating a small pool of spit. He shook his head and sat up straight again, avoiding Xalador's eyes. "No," he gasped again, voice thick. He took Xalador back into his mouth and sucked on the head, rubbing it against the inside of his cheek before relaxing and taking him in deeper again.

"You look so fucking hot, Mikish," he moaned. "Do you like this? You're getting hard..."

Kish cringed, moving his hands to hold Xalador's hips again, trying to feel as though he had some control, though he knew he had none.

Xalador jerked his hips, the head of his cock nudging Kish's gag reflex again, and Kish couldn't help but gag, nearly vomiting this time, his eyes still leaking, though his cock was too, much to his embarrassment.

"Shit," Xalador gasped, working up a rhythm. Kish felt his own body trembling and his cock getting harder and harder with each sharp, inward thrust Xalador took. He moaned unabashedly around Xalador's length and slid his hands down Xalador's legs before putting his hands behind his back again. "God, you do like this..."

Kish glared up at him, rubbing the tip of his cock against Xalador's leg, but Xalador scolded him.

"Tsk, tsk,, no, Mikish." Kish whined but obeyed, still absentmindedly rocking his hips back and forth every few seconds. Xalador moaned, pushing Kish off. "Turn around. Hands and knees."

Shit, Kish thought, but he did as he was told, his legs trembling. Xalador pushed his legs apart, placing his cock between Kish's cheeks, which he grabbed firmly with each hand. Kish canted back, much to his own surprise, and dug his nails into the eath again. Xalador slid between him, nudging at Kish's entrance as if he were to push in.

"God, you slut," Xalador panted. "You want this?"

Kish pushed back again, hanging his head between his shoulders. Fuck it. He was hard as hell, and he didn't even care by this point. He needed to come.

"Yes," he gasped, swallowing thickly. He took fistfuls of the dirt under his hands and arched his back, pushing back against Xalador, who chuckled softly as he pushed the head of his cock past Kish's entrance with no preparation or ease. Kish bit down on his bottom lip, but a gurgled cry escaped past his lips anyway as his lip split under Kish's bite and a rivlet of blood traveled down his chin. His eyes welled with tears, but he ignored them because the only thing he could concentrate on was this unimaginable pain he was feeling. He was certainly not prepared for what he'd asked for.

Xalador reached around with one hand to pump Kish, try to help him keep his hard-on. Kish arched into his hand but couldn't ignore that Xalador was pushing deeper into him, stretching him, ripping and tearing him in half. He choked, his whole body shaking, knuckles white, knees weak under him.

"Oh, my god," he coughed, wiping his wet cheek against his shoulder.

"So tight, Kish...," Xalador mumbled.

No way, Kish thought bitterly. He stupidly pushed back, which urged Xalador to start moving, still pumping Kish, who was angry at himself for being on the verge of sobbing but still wanting this. Xalador's hips moved quickly, without any regard for a rhythm. He was inconsistent-fast, then slow, short thrusts, then long thrusts. He came, nails digging into Kish's hips as he muttered disgustingly dirty things into Kish's ear.

"I wanna come," Kish nearly sobbed. Xalador pulled out slowly and pushed Kish onto his back before spreading his cheeks apart, his thumbs slipping past Kish's entrance, holding him open. Kish gasped softly, wiping his cheeks as he sat up on his elbows, his stomach inflating and deflating as he breathed quickly. He let out a soft cry and dug his nails back into the dirt when Xalador pushed his tongue into him. He fell back onto his back and arched his hips as he moaned, pushing against Xalador's face.

"Yes," Kish gasped as Xalador continued to work his tongue in and out of Kish, who could do nothing but let out a stream of unintelligible sentences and writhe against the damp ground. "Xal..." He shuddered, bitting down on his now bruised bottom lip as he came, panting.

Xalador pulled away and let go of Kish. There was some rustling, some huffing, and Kish exhaled shakily and sat up to see Xalador smoothing his hair. He wore a proud smirk.

"See? Not too bad. If you could follow directions, we wouldn't have a problem," Xalador lectured. Kish struggled to stand and leaned against a tree. He shot a glare at Xalador.

"I told you," he huffed. "Accident."

Xalador tossed Kish's dirty clothes at him and sneered. "I don't care. Get dressed. And don't come back unless you have Illusien."

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