The smell of lavender was overpowering. It made me feel drowsy. In fact, the whole room gave me that feeling. The sofas were not new, but welcoming. The wallpaper was a shade of pale yellow. The soft music played from the old cassette player was gentle and calming. It was just the way it used to be.

I collapsed onto the couch and leaned back, closing my eyes. How long has it been since that time? Ten years? And the promise I made to the girl next door when I moved to America; that we would definitely meet again. I smiled at the memory. We had actually believed it. How naïve.

I was renting the house at the moment and it seems that the owner has kept the custom of putting lavender on the tables and shelves. The girl had loved lavender. And she was named after that flower too. I generally couldn't stand the scent, but I breathed deeply, paused, and slowly breathed out again, thinking of my childhood and the faces that welcomed me into their life when my parents hadn't wanted me.

I had been completely unneeded. I wasn't smart or popular then. I had a short temper and constantly got into fights, but Lavender's family had accepted me.

I heard that her family had moved out from the house next door a few years ago, but I had still eagerly walked down the street, hoping to meet them, and the kind girl. The house had been ridden of ages ago and I had been confronted with an empty block of land.

My watch read 10:30pm but that's still set in American time. My stomach growled and the sky was dark so I assumed that it was time for dinner. I looked in the fridge, but there were only soft drinks and beer. I had to do some shopping.

I absolutely hated leaving the building because people keep gawking at me as if I did something weird. I sighed and changed the song on my ipod. It had started raining a while ago so I was completely drenched. I pictured the umbrella hanging on the coat stand and wished I had taken it with me. That had totally ruined my mood, not that my mood was extremely good in the first place.

A girl about my age was walking in the opposite direction: towards me. She gave off an eerie feeling, as if she was not real. I cast down my gaze. She was also listening to music. Her steps were light and I somehow knew she was walking to the beat of the melody only she could hear. Her hair fluttered in the breeze, trailing behind her like a length of silk. I caught a whiff of lavender. It was a familiar smell. And then I realised.

I turned around but she was gone. Was it really her?

Of course it wasn't. It's impossible. I must've been hallucinating.

The girl I knew was already dead.

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