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Jacob Myers had known he was bisexual since he'd woken up to sticky sheets and shorts the morning after dreaming of a young and very naked Heath Ledger at age twelve. It was only confirmed by his first kisses with Tommy Branders and Sally Hesterman in a game of spin-the-bottle three years later.

He was ok with that. In fact he was proud of who he was; he rallied for same-sex marriage, started a Queer-Straight Alliance at his high-school and wore t-shirts with slogans such as "We're here, we're queer, get used to it" and "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is".

He had lots of friends both straight and members of the GLBT community, he was happy.

But one day, when he was seventeen, that happiness was all snatched away from him when his mum upped and left without explanation, not even a word. His dad didn't handle it all that well; his first reaction was to punch a hole through the wall, his second was to turn to the scotch. Every night. From that day onwards.

And two very unhappy months later, they moved.

Jake sighed as he looked down at the crumpled piece of paper in his hand. It was supposedly a map of the school, but it might as well have been a map of Narnia written in Cantonese for all he could understand it. He scowled at it again, inwardly cursing not having asked for directions to his first class from the office lady when he was in there a good fifteen minutes ago.

Now he was going to walk into class new AND late, way to not draw too much attention to himself. Jake tugged at his earring and looked up and down the corridor before making the decision and retracing his steps back to the office.

As he was slowly and calmly walking towards the office door, simply minding his own business, he found himself suddenly barraged into by a great hulking mass of flesh in grey polyester shorts, a white shirt and blue-and-grey tie. He stumbled back, several of his books knocked out of his grip and onto the floor.

The great hulking mass stopped and they both paused, stood in front of each other. Jake could see the great hulking mass- the boy- take in his appearance; the single earring in his ear, the rainbow, purple, pink and blue bands covering his wrists, along with his own school uniform; the shorts, shirt and tie.

As the boy looked him over, Jake decided to do the same of him; the boy had clearly defined muscular chest, shoulders and arms, Jakes eyes trailed up to his face. If it weren't for his too round face, deep set eyes and ugly scowl, this boy would be hot Jake thought to himself.

Suddenly the boy growled and shoved him against the nearest locker. "Fucking faggot." he hissed before storming off in the opposite direction from which he came.

Jake stood there a moment in shock, never had he faced any homophobia in his hometown, at least not to his face anyhow. He bent down to gather up his books and grinned to himself; it seemed that he'd made an enemy already, perhaps he could have some fun with this...

And with that he grabbed his books and scuttled off into the office to get his directions.

The girl in the seat next to him was staring, a slight frown on her face. Jake just grinned at her and held out his hand for her to shake, "Hi, I'm Jake. I'm new here." The girl looked down at his hand, her frown dissipating as she took it in her own, "I'm Laura, and welcome to the most tedious class on earth, run by the King of Boredom himself."

Jake glanced up at their history teacher; he was droning on, pacing back and forth in front of the whiteboard in his too-small suit and sickly, yellow dress shirt. Jake let out a short laugh, "Do you think he realises that half the class is asleep?" he whispered back.

It was true, there was even someone gently snoring a few rows from the back. Laura snorted, "Well if he has, he obviously doesn't care."

They sat there in silence for a few moments, Jake noticed her staring at the bands on his arms. Her eyes snapped from his wrists up to his face and a grin cracked across her face, "Nice bracelets." He grinned back nervously, trying to figure out whether she was mocking him or not.

Laura reached over and lightly grabbed hold of one of them, a rainbow-striped band that read 'I Can't Even Think Straight', and chuckled, "My brother had this one too." Jake relaxed in his seat and smiled warmly, "I got that one at Out in the Square two years ago." A few seconds later, the bell signalling end of class rang out.

Laura snatched his timetable from his grasp, "What do you have next? English with the blob, cool, you can sit with me and Tasha and Jono." They gathered up their stuff and headed out and down the school corridor, Jake had to jog slightly to keep up with her.

As Laura slowed down in front of the classroom door, Jake asked, "Why is our teacher called the blob?"

She didn't answer and simply held the door open for him to go in. As it turned out, she needn't have said anything anyway, Jake's question was answered the moment he walked through the door.

The woman standing at the front of the class, wearing the most unflattering floral sack of a dress, was the biggest, fattest and most gelatinous person Jake had ever seen in his life. In fact he was surprised she could even fit through the door.

He heard Laura laugh at him and he quickly snapped his mouth shut, he hadn't realised his jaw had literally dropped open with the shock. He felt Laura grab onto his arm and drag him towards the desks at the back.

They joined a rather watery looking girl who smiled up at them as they sat down in the adjacent chairs. Not a moment later, a slightly chubby and overly cheerful looking boy took the last remaining seat in the row, next to the watery girl. Jake assumed they were Tasha and Jono.

"Hi, I'm Jono." the plump boy grinned at him and held out his hand in greeting, confirming Jake's assumptions, he shook Jono's hand and smiled back, "I'm Jake, nice to meet you." The watery girl- Tasha- stayed silent, focusing on the teacher at the front. Jake hadn't realised she'd started the lesson.

He looked around at who he presumed were his new friends for the first time; taking in their looks and their quirks. Tasha had ridiculously long, milky-tea coloured hair, pale skin and ridiculously large and wet blue eyes.

Jono, despite being slightly overweight, was actually rather handsome with his thick eyelashes, full lips and deep brown eyes.

He hadn't had much of a chance to really look at Laura last class, but she was actually rather pretty in an unusual kind of way- she had straight brown hair, tanned skin, hazel eyes and a slightly hooked nose that somehow just seemed to suit her face.

An interesting bunch, Jake wondered if they were all of the group or if he'd be meeting more come break time.

While he was checking out the trio he noticed something peculiar; Jono kept staring at Laura and every time she looked up, he looked down, every time he looked down she stared at him, then every time he looked up, she'd look down and so the cycle would continue. Tasha caught his eye and gave him a wry smile, then after a moment or two, she passed him a note.

They've been doing that for months now, she wrote, Jono thinks she won't like him because he's a bit overweight and Laura is just plain oblivious.

Jake read the note over and frowned, why didn't Tasha just tell them that they liked each other? She must have noticed his look because after a few more scribbles, he was passed a second note; they've both sworn me to secrecy and I figure that if they're both going to be so stupid, they deserve it. Jake nodded at her and slipped the two notes into his pocket, understanding how frustrating it must be to have the two teens be so blind to each other's affection when they were both so obvious about it. Hopefully they'd figure it out someday.