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Over the next week or so of school, Jake settled into a routine of sorts; he sat with his friends during class and break.

Then after school he'd have a short run in with Spencer which would always involve Spencer leaving with a red face and Jake leaving with a new bruise or threat and a sense of satisfaction, every other day he'd go over to either Laura's or Jono's to do homework and play videogames.

It was a Friday night that he got invited to his first party.

It was to be held that night at the place of some person who he'd never met, all his new friends were going- hell it seemed as though the whole school would be there.

He arrived late, at eleven, with Tasha and Baxter in tow. The party was already in full swing and nearly everybody was drunk or at least getting there.

Within minutes they'd run into Laura and Jono, the both of them sitting on a couch and giggling like crazy over god-knows-what.

"Jakey-shakey-potatey!" Laura called out to him, Jono giggled harder at that.

Jake laughed and walked over to join them, "Hey Laura, Jono, how are you?"

"We're fantastic," Jono beamed and held his cup out to him, "this stuff is amazing!"

Laura nodded in agreement, "Tastes like liquid candy!"

Chuckling, Jake took both their drinks, "Yeah? Well maybe you've had enough for now." Laura looked disappointed and Jono nodded sagely.

"I'm gonna go find something not-candy-like to drink, I'll be back soon." Jake grinned at them before heading off to the drinks table.

Tasha and Baxter were already off, talking to their other friends.

"Yo, Jake," Cannon exclaimed as he arrived at the table, "take a shot with me."

Jake smiled, "Tequila?"

They poured themselves a shot each and prepared the salt and slice of lemon, "On the count of three," Cannon said, "one… two… three!"

They both downed their shots then hurried to lick the salt and suck the lemons.

"Nice!" Cannon shouted once they'd slammed their glasses down, hi-fiving him hard.

Jake laughed, "Might to do a few more of those."

Three shots later and Jake was definitely starting to feel the alcohol. He made his way back to Laura and Jono, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Frowning, he walked, or rather stumbled, outside- determined to find his friends.

As he was walking down the porch steps, he stumbled and crashed into something with a loud "Oomph!"

That something "oomphed" back, then grabbed him by the shoulders, "Watch it, faggot." the something hissed.

Jake looked up blearily into a pair of equally intoxicated eyes, "Hey Spence." He grinned, "Are you going to beat me up tonight?"

Spencer grimaced and tightened his grip on Jake's shoulders before roughly pulling him back into the house, dragging him through several rooms before leading him up the stairs.

"Where we going Spence?" Jake inquired, "Are you taking me somewhere dark to have your way with me?"

Spencer just growled, not saying a word.

"Growling again, Spence? Growling is for dogs and wild animals."

They reached a dark bedroom and Spencer pushed him in and slammed the door shut.

Then, suddenly, Spencer was on him; pulling at his shirt and fumbling with his belt, his hard body pressing against him.

That made Jake sober up immediately. He grabbed Spencer's hands, forcing him to stop, "What are you doing?" he asked, completely confused.

Spencer groaned and rested his head on Jake's shoulder, "Want you to fuck me, have since I first saw you." he mumbled.

Jake froze for a second, just to think. He thought about what it would mean and what the consequences would be. Then he thought 'screw it' and started undoing Spencer's shirt.

Spencer rolled and pulled Jake in between his legs, pulling Jake's pants and underwear down just far enough to get his slowly hardening cock out.

In return, Jake pushed Spencer's pants to his knees, "Got a condom?" he whispered in Spencer's ear as he gripped both their cocks together, slowly jerking them both.

Spencer managed to nod before his head fell backwards onto the bed and a moan escaped his mouth.

Jake was quick to grab the foil from Spencer's jeans pocket and put it within reach for when they'd need it.

"Think there's any lube in here?" he asked as he quickened the motion of his hand over both their cocks.

Blindly, Spencer reached over to the bedside table, pulled open the drawer and rummaged around.

He triumphantly pulled out a small bottle and chucked it at Jake.

Jake let go of them and squirted some of the slimy liquid onto his fingers. He leaned in to kiss Spencer as one of his fingers breached his puckered hole.

Spencer rapidly turned his head away and growled, "No kissing, I'm not fucking queer."

Jake stopped in disbelief for a second before rolling his eyes and biting down on his exposed neck instead.

He slowly worked his finger in before using circular motions to stretch Spencer out a bit, then, once it was a little looser, he added a second finger.

Spencer hissed and moaned, spreading his legs further apart.

Grinning to himself, Jake started to finger-fuck the boy underneath him; stretching him out and simultaneously searching for that elusive prostate.

Finally he hit something and Spencer cried out before moaning, "Do that again."

Jake chuckled and crooked his fingers against the bundle of nerves before jamming into it ten successive times.

"Fuck, put it in now!" Spencer called out and tightened his grip on the sheets, trembling with excitement.

Jake removed his fingers and grabbed the condom, removing it from its wrapper and carefully rolling it down his erect penis. He squirted some more lube into his hand and quickly rubbed it over the latex.

He lined himself up at Spencer's ass and slowly began to push his way in. He stopped for a moment once the head was through, waiting for Spencer to adjust before inching in the rest of the way.

Once he was completely sheathed, he stopped again and comfortingly rubbed Spencer's stomach while he became accustomed to the feeling. He felt the muscles around his cock loosen up a bit and started to rock back and forth inside the boy.

Spencer wrapped his legs around Jake's hips and pulled him in closer, "Don't- tell- anyone- about- this-" he said, each word punctuating a thrust, "or- I'll- break- your- nose- and- ah!"

Spencer's cry dropped into a low moan and he forgot all about his threatening, instead focusing on matching Jake's thrusts.

Jake, for his part, chose not to respond to Spencer's words, instead losing himself in hitting Spencer's prostate with his cock.

They slowly but surely gathered up speed until they were both humping and thrusting as fast as they could go, getting sloppier and sloppier as they neared orgasm.

Jake grabbed hold of Spencer's cock and tugged at it twice before he was spilling over into his hand, cum pulsing out of the tip of his dick.

Spencer collapsed back and let Jake push in deeply several more times before he finally climaxed too, filling the condom.

When Jake pulled out and removed the condom, tying it off and chucking it in a nearby bin, Spencer rushed to pull up his pants and readjust his shirt.

The moment his clothing was fixed, he swiftly punched Jake on the jaw and ran from the room, leaving Jake staring after him, clutching a hand to his face.

Shaking his head, Jake tucked himself back into his underwear and did up his pants before re-joining the party.

"Where've you been?" Tasha asked him, taking in his sex hair and flushed cheeks.

Jake just laughed, rubbing his aching jaw and replied, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."