Clouds envelope the mind,

With sadness, no hope and dreams,

Drowning all happiness,

You had collected safely for years.

Days pass by without a glimmer of hope,

No rescue, no nothing.

Wanting to go out into the sun, spread wings, take flight,

But can't, as chained down with dead weight bolts,

That eat and tear at your skin,

At the slightest struggle to fight free.

Cornered in the darkness, no escape, trapped, suffocating your mind.

Swaying, stumbling, tripping over the staircases of your mind.

Falling, crashing, tumbling, collapsing,

Under the pressure of sadness weighing down,

Weighing down until your bones crack,

Tendons snap, muscles disintegrate,

Veins bursting from the constant pressure of poisoned blood coursing around the body,

Until it stops, fails, lets go.

And now your battered and tortured soul can take flight, spread its wings,

And can finally, be free...