Sunlight reflects on the dust-clouded windows,

Seagulls basking and preening in the mid-morning rays,

On top of the moss-drenched roof of the silent building,

Blue skies stretch across the horizon, without a cloud in sight.

However, trapped in every room,

A soul sits all alone,

Moping, weeping, moaning,

Desperate to be free from the clutches of the darkness surrounding them,

Can't think of anything good,

Only the bad, sad, disappointing aspects of their lives.

All the sadness brought upon them is so sickening,

The mere sight of them makes your soul drop, wanting to help, to reach out,

But they have long since passed on,

Now, just a speck in the distance.

Tears streaming down their face, no expression.

Voices lost, along with their final screams...