Senses swaying, chest contorting,

Skull searing, palms perspiring,

Hacking coughs reverberate through the lung cavity,

Oesphagus too painful to cry out,

To scream at the torture tearing through your soul.

Chanting calls reach out to grasp, but you're only just above,

Flying through the air tantalizingly, as if a bait on a hook,

Waiting to be captured, entrapped within the clenched jaws of darkness.

Gargling blood rising into your mouth,

Flowing between your parted lips,

Cascading in torrents,

Finding a path of its own down your broken battered body.

A shower of fresh blood erupts from your jaws,

As you choke for the last time, drawing in your final gasp,

Instead, only inhaling more of your already poisoned blood.

Vision escapes your hold,

Plummeting into the neverending vortex of time,

Never to be seen again,

As we bury you six feet beneath the cold hard ground,

Concealed within a wooden casket bearing your name,

With solid gold clasps and hinges,

Sealing you in forever.

The only part of you that can escape has dissolved,

Dissolved, ascending into the vast expanse of sorrow...