Once upon a time, a king and queen who had been childless for many years finally had a baby daughter, and they named her Briar Rose. The king and queen invited the entire kingdom to a feast in the new princess's honour, and among the guests were seven fairies, each one wearing a gown in a different colour of the rainbow, and each one ready to bestow a magical gift upon the child.

The red fairy declared that the princess would be strong and resilient. The orange fairy gifted her with quick wits. The yellow fairy gave the princess optimism. The green fairy said that the princess would see the beauty in nature. The blue fairy gave the princess compassion. The indigo fairy gave the princess a love and appreciation of music.

Before the violet fairy could bestow her gift, an eighth fairy appeared. She was dressed in black and white, and her eyes were blazing with anger as they looked upon the queen.

"Hello, Queen Margot. Remember me?"

Queen Margot went pale.

"Seize her!" the king ordered his guards as he pointed at the eighth fairy.

As the guards surrounded her, the fairy in black and white flew out of their reach. Pointing her wand at the cradle, which the queen was trying to shield, the fairy cried, "Before the princess turns sixteen, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die!"

Laughing madly, the fairy disappeared.

The king and queen looked pleadingly at the violet fairy. "Can you remove this evil curse?" the king asked.

The violet fairy shook her head. "I can only change it so that the princess will fall asleep for a hundred years."

"But that is such a long time!" the queen protested.

"She will not age, and you will all fall asleep with her. It's the best I can do."

"This must never happen!" the king declared. "All spinning wheels in the land shall be burned!"

"Do you realize what you've done, Violet?" Marigold shouted at her cousin that night. "You've made Hellebora's curse even worse!"

Violet snickered at her kinswoman's unintentional rhyme.

"It's not funny!" Ivy cut in. "You may have saved the princess's life, but now she and the rest of the kingdom will have to sleep for an entire century while the world around them changes!"

Violet conjured up a comb and began tugging it through her silky mane of violet hair with mauve streaks, ignoring the scoldings of her fellow fairies until she heard Daffodill say to Bluebell, "Well, what else can be expected from the great-granddaughter of a Lesser Fairy?"

"That's a bit rich coming from a pixie's granddaughter," Violet said coolly. "At least I am a fairy through and through! Goodbye!"

She flew off in the opposite direction, seething inwardly