As Violet cried over Marigold, Rose decided to give her some privacy. She left the room, descended the stairs, and continued on to the throne room. Her parents were fast asleep on their thrones, with the queen's head on her husband's shoulder, and the princess felt tears come to her hazel eyes and trail down her cheeks as she knelt before her mother and father.

In the midst of her sobbing, Rose felt a soft hand touch her shoulder. When she looked up, she saw her mother's concerned face, and began hearing yawning and groaning from all around her.

They're waking up! Rose realized.

Indigo rubbed her arm, disliking the pins-and-needles sensation that came with Violet's statue spell wearing off. She turned around and saw, to her relief, that her friends were reviving, but Hellebora remained a statue.

Ivy watched as the vines slithered away like snakes. She turned to Tulip and asked, "Does this mean what I think it means?"

Marigold, her eyes still closed, felt a light pressure on her forehead, followed by something wet on her cheeks.

Rain? Marigold thought in confusion. She realized that someone was holding her, and smelled something sweet...violets!

The Orange Fairy weakly opened her eyes and squinted at the purple blur. "Violet, is that you?"

Violet gasped. "Goldie! You're awake! YOU'RE AWAKE!" She lowered her voice and began babbling apologies, before finally whispering, "What do you think the others will do to me?"

"I don't know," said Marigold, "but I'll stand by you no matter what."

They flew out the window, holding hands and remaining a fair distance behind the rest of the Rainbow Fairies, who were carrying the Hellebora statue.

That night, Rose privately told her parents of everything that had happened.

"Mother," she said upon finishing her story, "forgive me if I seem impertinent, but...what happened between you and Hellebora?"

"It's very complicated," the queen said, a little sadly. But then she smiled and said, "However, from what you have told us, Rosie, I don't believe we'll have to worry about her anytime soon." Margot looked out the window, where Hellebora's tower could be seen from a distance. At least, I hope not.

The End (?)