I woke up briefly many times but I didn't stay conscious long. I remember flying or running really fast and now I was lying on the ground my entire body was in pain everything but especially my eyes. I remember waking up once bleary eyed, I was sitting in a room hat was extremely dark, except for a small ball of light near the corner.

I heard voices, "is she conscious yet", I heard a raspy voice whisper,

"No, not yet, let her rest for a few days, then we'll see". I stifled a gasp it was his voice he spoke the sentence, not gently, but full of scorn.

"Max wouldn't hurt me", I remembered briefly, " he likes me, he invited me to the dance , he, he kissed me". A wave of warmth rushed through my shivering body. Then I remembered the face, his face he attacked me in front of all those witnesses, surely my mom was looking for me, or the police, anyone. His face crept back into my thoughts I could see it more vivid now the black liquid gushing from his mouth, the red eyes the fangs. Fangs! Was my last thought before I blacked out.

The next time I awoke was for good, I woke and saw that nothing had changed in my room, I had a pounding headache but I urged myself to get up and view my surroundings.

The room was entirely made of cement, the only possible entrance was about fifty feet in the air. There was a small slot under one of the walls. There was also a figure sitting on a chair in my cell.

I let out a pointless cry for help but

Max only smiled, I was going to try again but I stopped myself, "no" I thought, " I am not going to be one of those stupid damsels in distress who waited until some knight in shining armor rode to save them".

But of course there is only one person that I would want to be my knight, and he's the one who kidnapped me. What! No that thought was slowly losing its grip over me. He wasn't my knight, he was an absolute loony bird. What kind of idiot kidnaps a 13 year-old nerd, especially after kissing them, I mean come on I can't be that attractive.

Max walked towards me , and I resisted the urge to cower, somewhere in the back of my head I heard a voice saying, "this is what you wanted in the first place isn't it? To be part of the adventure."

"Not like this!" I quarreled with myself "I didn't ever want it to be real, well maybe I did but I can't worry about that, what matters is what's happening now".

Max saw my brave look and said,"well, look who's putting on her brave face", he mocked, " you know that I could rip your throat apart and not even think twice about it". He raised up his claws.

"You", I said, "you're a vampire".

He chuckled, I could 't help but notice the way his hair swooped over her face just so, highlighting his chocolate brown eyes, evil as he was he was still extremely beautiful. "How cute, you think that vampires are real. I'm a Soul Eater, not a bloodsucker".

"Soul Eater?" I questioned

"Yes a Soul Eater" he said coming extremely close to my face he pushed the hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear.

"Don't" I said icily .

"I thought you liked me, at least that's what your friend said", he spoke.

"Shiki!" I said in disbelief, "she would never".

"It wasn't hard" he said with a glint in his eye, "I think you'll find that I can be very persuasive"

"What is a Soul Eater", I demanded

He sighed for the first time since I was in this ceIl, I saw his cocky expression shatter as his voice started to break, " A Soul Eater is a monster. We search for people whose souls are damaged, whether it be with sadness, constant anger, or the ...

"But my soul isn't damaged, it is perfectly fine" I interrupted.

"Or the people who have a longing to do something with their life but never have the chance", he finished, smiling. He had hit me home right there. I was always hoping to be somebody that I wasn't to do something that took real courage, but I was just a regular middle-schooler. And I wished with all my heart that I could go back to being normal.

"We literally drink all the pain and sorrow, we eat your soul in-order to sustain ourselves" he said bitterly, "we mostly seduce someone, Soul Eaters can plant thoughts into people's minds"

A shock if realization hit me like a freight train, all those thoughts about Max, were they real? I hope they weren't.

"After we seduce someone we take them away and eat their soul", he finished

"So why don't you just do it then", I challenged, " why can't you just eat my soul and be done with it"

Max hesitated

"You can't, can you", I deducted, "that's why you brought me here, it's because you can't eat my soul" my voice was getting shaky but I was feeling more determined as the adrenaline pumped through my veins, "you can't eat my soul, why, do you need me for something, you can't just leave me locked up in here"

"Are you sure about that" he scoffed.

I lunged without warning, I clawed at his face angrily. He threw me on the ground. Defeated I said through a bleeding mouth, " I will fight" Max looked surprised, " I will fight until every ounce of energy left in my body is drained, I will fight you until I defeat you, and I will never quit trying to escape." I glared at him angrily

He turned to me his eyes glowed a bloodred. They softened immediately and small tongues of fire seemed to flicker in them, he came inches away from my face and whispered, " you love me, you will do anything for me, and you will forget anything I have told you unless I tell you to, now go to sleep".

After that I mumbled a slight protest which seemed to frighten him more that anything, but I could already feel my eyelids growing heavy. I stumbled around my cell and dropped onto the cold stone floor, the taste of blood still on my lips.