I had the idea for this story after watching various Derren Brown programmes and I noticed that he never fails to amaze. Not a lot ever really goes wrong and so this story sort of plays on that idea. That perhaps over the years and acclaim that he's grown smug and arrogant enough to believe that nothing could go wrong. Because let's face it, he is arrogant, but it's a lovable arrogance! I thought about how it would be if he knew someone too well, and therefore he misjudged them and their psychological wellbeing and therefore upon deciding to include them in an experiment, he could have made a mistake, and perhaps something might have gone wrong for once.

I don't know Derren nor have ever had any contact with him so this story may not reflect him or his personal life in any way. However, I could have watched so much of him that I have a bloody good perception!
The Ultimate Experiment.

It was just an experiment, that was all. He hadn't realised how far it would go. But now, as he sat in the waiting room of the hospital, he realised just how dangerous his experiments could be. She was still in surgery; it had been a full-blue-light rush to the hospital, at first he'd cried out of terror and worry. Despite his lack of faith in God his head was filled with prayers for her safety. He just wanted her home, so she could bake cakes when she was supposed to be studying, so she could leave him little notes around the flat for when he got home after dinner out with previous experiment subjects, so he could hold her as she fell asleep because she was too scared to be alone. He couldn't believe he'd been so stupid as to play on that fear, to use it in an experiment, he knew her history; he knew her phobias and deepest fears. She'd trusted him with everything, and he'd betrayed her. He put his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes, they were still sore from the tears. He wished that a Doctor would just come out and explain that she was okay. Although, he supposed she'd never trust him again, let alone forgive him. His actions with the experiment had forced hers. Her own actions which could have cost her, her life. He pulled his wallet out and gently slid out the picture of the pair of them together, only a couple of short weeks before. Both of them grinning at the camera like idiots after finishing filming for one of his shows, she'd been his assistant and best friend since she was twelve. She'd been a good student and learned some of his most impressive tricks, learned to notice people's behaviour, learned to guess people's deepest secrets. Just like him. He'd been relying on her skills to get her through her experiment, but it hadn't worked, he'd misjudged her. And now his daughter might never wake up.