This written from personal experience or should I say what I'm experienacing right now. I hope I get better :(

Dear my love,

I know it's been weeks since we've spoken, but I just had to get this of my chest. I love you. There I said. Even though we broke up two months ago, I don't want to let go of you. I want to hold onto the great times we had together. Even though I know I need to let you go, I can't. You're like a drug. You were so good I want you again and again. It's tearing me apart. I think about you all the time. When I'm at school, at home, in the shower, or awake in my bed on a sleepless night. It's bad, I know. I want to see you. It' my one desire now. I want to hold you tight and never let go. I think if I actually saw you in person again, I would burst into tears.

Is that bad? I don't know. Is it an obsession? No, I think I just miss you terribly. I want you so bad, but you're so far away. You were the only I could tell everything. And you told me everything. You called me a strong person and I believed you. But after this and everything that has happened since, I can't believe that anymore. I tried calling you and texting you, but you never answer me. That only made me fall deeper into my depression. Why won't you answer me? Did I do something wrong? If I did, please tell me so I can try to fix it. If it is something about my personality, I'll try to fake what you want. I don't think that will last long. The real me will want to break out, but I don't know if I will be able to finally let the real me out of its' cage after three years.

I just want you to know I love you and will give anything to see you again. If I can change to fit your needs, please tell me. I want to back, but it's most likely you don't want me. Oh well, I'll add you to the list of all the people who got tired of me and threw me aside like trash. I'll still miss you and until I see you, I don't this emptiness inside of me will ever heal. I love so much and miss you with everything I have left.



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