The thoughts of a troubled teen, after losing everything, stuck in a war with herself and the people around her. Enjoy :D

It feels like I have both purity and a murky darkness. I know that God says that it is important to be pure, but the darkness in me , is well, part of me.

How can I get rid of it? Should I? At the end of the day it becomes a choice, which one will I be. How could I choose?

Should I really give in to the anger? The burning rage, a beast that has always been inside me since I was eight years old. It feels so good. But can I really hate him? I hate him that bastard took away everything! I had to suffer because of his actions! We were rich! and We can barley put together enough food for dinner let alone lunch. And how DARE he leave because of his own selfish reasons. Coming around here as if none of it happened. Pouring salt in my wounds.

What the hell is wrong with me?

It's an insult to say that man is my Father, he is NOTHING BUT A DIRTY COWARD. What about the rest of us? Just got up to leave so you can have your little affair with your whore?

So can I hate him? Yes. But I guess the real question is...

should I?