By the riverside
From the corner of her eye
She saw him
Face hidden by the shadows
She paid him no mind
For the moment
So she bent
And picked her flowers

He waited by the roses
The color not as bright as her hair
He knew he shouldn't be near
A creature like himself can only bring about sorrow
And destruction
But still he watched on
Facinated by the woman

Rain softened her hair
As she held her flowers
Occasionally she'd toss them into the stream
And watch them float down
She didn't venture near the roses
In fear the pale man would notice
That she knew of his golden gaze
So she stood and waited
Stood and waited

He turned his face away
When she went to leave
His souless body walked away
He knew he'd return again
To watch her pick the flowers
Although he knew he should not
Only wishing for something that cannot be
He cannot love,
It could never be