~ones fate is rarely their own~

I have no choice in the deciding of my fate. I am the last white phoenix.

At first there were 13 clans in of power; 13. The merfolk. 12. The black tiger, 11. The Pegasus, 10. The griffin, 9. The cobra,8. The elementals,7. The fey,6. The white wolf,5. The demons, 4. The vamiyre, 3. The black swan, 2. The golden dragon, and the ruling white phoenix. Every odd year the clans fight for the ruling position, it mostly alternates between the Dragons and Phoenixes. Each clan has an elder, symbol (manifested somewhere on our bodies.) and power. Our symbol are the ever burning wings (on our backs obviously) and our power is one or two of the elments.

The elders of each clans made our laws. We cannot reveal our existence to humans unless the human is our mate or someone close to our mate. Do not kill or harm humans unless threaten or deemed necessary. There must be a male and female head of each clan. Each head of clan must have at least one male heir and female heir in either order. The parent will decide which heir will rule with their mate. If the clan has one heir they must find a human mate or offer the heir as a partnership to a clan. The male or female who wins will go to the clan with the heir over throwing the old leader. The remaining clan heir will have a year to find their mate.

My mother died when I was born, eliminating the possibility of another heir. My father remarried but the new Queen was infertile. There would be no male heir.

The problem is I don't want a mate. My name is Sashi, the last and only heir of the white phoenix clan. And as I said before I have no choice in the matter