Chapter 6

I walked over to an empty bench and sat down. Minutes later a tall blonde walked over, his blue eyes shining. The sharp planes of his face contrasted the warmth of his smile. He held out his hand, obviously wanting me to shake it. I glared at it.

"Blake, prince of the white wolves. Pleasure." He said with a wink. His voice was smooth, smile dazzling. Oh god somebody hold me, im gonna faint I thought to myself. He was sexy.

"Sashi princess of the white Phoenixes." I gave him a broad smile. Please don't let me look like a idiot pl… I was interrupted from my internal chant by a dark haired fine male specimen.

"Wow Blake a decent looking girl. I'm shocked." He laughed. Decant looking? I fumed. "and as for the lovely lady, I am the other White wolf prince. Gabriel." He gave me a flirtatious look from under his long lashes. I found myself leaning forward. His smile was dazzling. Good god where are all of these sexy men coming from and why can't I go with them. Well where ever it is it must be heaven.

" I'm Sashi. If I may ask, why are we here? My father told me it was for a competition so I automatically assumed it was the clan wars, but that's next year. If you don't mind could you clarify?" I fluttered my eyelashes for effect. The two men gave each other knowing looks.

" well" Gabriel began "we are gonna duel"

"Because all of the males here are sexually frustrated" Blake said with a grin "so ya'll females get to watch and enjoy."

"uhh sexual frustration?" I questioned "how exactly are you dueling" I said raising an eyebrow and slowly inching back.

"He was just kidding" teased Gabriel " we are dueling for the fun of it"

" so I can compete?" I ask eager to begin beating up the males.

" yeah… I guess, though normally the females don't compete." Blake stated looking fearfully at the gleeful expression on my face.

"so are you two competing?" I ask

"we don't normally compete, so no" Gabriel answered slowly. That's when the best idea I've ever had popped in to my head.

"oooohhhhhhh I get it, you two are gay" I patted them on the back "it was nice meeting you two." I said with a smile looking back their stunned expressions. As soon as I got around the next corner and out of sight I burst out laughing. Their expressions were hilarious. I sobered up when I thought of the story about sexual frustration that they had spouted, if was obviously a lie. But what were they lying for? I still had all of my weapons and I was in the duel arena.

"Ladies and gentlemen now that all of our contestants are here we would like to ask that you follow the guards to the rooms that you will be staying in for the next week. That is all" the speaker was quiet. Wtf, why are we staying in rooms. What is this competition about any way?!

"Sashi, you father offered you as a partnership. But almost every clan wanted you so he decided to hold a competition. The other clans also wanted to see you, that was the purpose of the little party you were just at." A voice whispered to me. I spun around looking for the source.

"I'm not a prize to be won" I growled under my breath. The voice chuckled. "I never said you were."

"you implied it you little imp." I growled

" you know people are going to think you're crazy if you keep talking to yourself." The voice added

" then what do you suggest I do?!" I ask louder. One of the males looked at me strangely.

" just think of what you want to say" it replied. Wait if nobody was around me then where was the voice coming from unless… it was communicating with me through my thoughts. "bingo Sherlock." The voice interjected.

"stay out of my thoughts" I shot back at it

"you sho…"

"umm miss I was instructed to take you and miss Amelia to the suite." I turned to find a small boy looking up at me expectantly.

"what? Ohh yes of course" I said processing what he was saying. I then walked after him trying to get the voice to finish what he was saying.