I got bored one day, and just started randomly writing a poem... It's not very good, but I thought I'd share it with you all!

Sometimes, there is love sometimes,

there is hate

Softer than a dove

more powerful than fate. ...

She sits in the forest,

deep beneath the vines.

She sits without rest

so no one will hear her wines.

Her best friend, her love

he left her there alone.

She cries, she screams,

forever she will stay alone.

Of course, this is an assumption you see.

She didn't really realize

who she was meant to be.

She would meet a boy with a heart a much bigger size.

He came to her on a Saturday,

at the annual County Fair.

She wasn't about to go that day,

but she sensed something in the air.

He saw her first,

and his eyes lit up.

She saw him, and knew, KNEW that he was the one.

And that forever she will stay happy.