Hey everyone! So I wrote this poem a few months ago. I had gone out with this boy about two years ago, and after a brutal breakup, we eventually became friends again. There was a formal school dance, and we both didn't have dates, so I asked him if he wanted to go as friends, at this point I had began to like him again. He gave me a weird answer, like that he would go with me if he didn't get a day (I knew he had his eye on someone). I was nervous after that that he would ditch me, these were the thoughts running through my head during that time. (I do not like him anymore, just so you know)

There is me

and there is you

Do you even have a clue?

I see it in your eyes you don't care ...

but you do.

Please explain this to me,

I don't know what to do.

We share those moments

and they're great

They fill my heart with content

But then, you leave

and I am lost once again.

This is no love poem you see

yet I care for you so

I just want you to see that you kill me slow

I want you to see no tunnel vision clouding your mind

I want you to see to see what you can find.

We are going to the dance together

but do you see?

Do you care about me?

Will you leave me there,

without no doubt,

because you don't realize?

I hope none of this happens,

but alas, it probably will.

You are blind, I am strong

but not completely over you.