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The sun was setting over the darkened hills. The skies were becoming dark. The winds were blowing in the dead of the day. Over the hills was an army of 10,000 beasts. These beasts were wolves with four eyes, carrying huge, bloody blades. The beasolas were controlled by a man in all black. He wore a black helmet to hide his face. He carried a long, clean sword as he used it to lead his army of 10,000 demons streight towards a small village.

As the moon rises, in the village, a woman with blue eyes, pink skin, and long green hair who wore wool clothing was carrying a beautiful baby girl. She hummed a friendly tune, rocking the baby asleep. Then a human male came in with slightly brown skin who had a shaved head, brown eyes, who also wore wool clothing. He carried food for them to eat, a fresh bore. He puts the food on the floor as he approaches his child. He looked into the baby's eyes. The baby had gray eyes, baige skin, dark green hair, with a beautfiful smile. Her ears was somewhat pointy, but round.

As the father gets the food ready for dinner, he heard a loud alarm.

"Beasolas!" a man yelled, "Beasolas!"

The father saw at the opened gate. A black flood was rushing towards the village.

"Oh god," he said. He rushed back to the hut and alarmed his wife.

"Enika, get the baby out of here!" he warned.

"What's going on?" the woman named Enika asked.

"Just go now!" he declared.

"Everyone, evacuate now!" a man yelled before he was shot down by a rouge of arrows that was raining down from the skies.

Meanwhile, a quorum of warriors stand outside of the village walls getting ready for a fight. by the time the Beasolas were close, a general yelled...


The warriors stormed their way towards hell's army.

The beasolas stormed their way slaughtering the last remaining and breathed fire at the wall, burning it down. The villagers grabbed their belonging and ran only for the beasolas to chase after them. The man in all black came to the village and yelled, "Saradashun Marjkan Daremnth!"

"The beasolas followed his plea, and began instead of taking them out, but nabbing lots of villagers for slavery or anniahlating them altogether. Meanwhile, the man led Enika out of the the hut and joined the rest to evacuate, but like all others, the villagers that ran - were either killed or snatched.

"Harold!" another man yelled at the man leading his wife Enika, "Over here!" Just before the man named Harold could ever run over to him, he was stabbed horrifically in front of his wife. The baby was crying while all of this was going on.

"Harold!" she yelled, before she met with another Beasola. Just before the beasola made its kill, the man who was friends with Harold shot it down with arrows. Enika fell to her knees crying along with the baby. The man who was friends with Harold came in to get Enika, but low, he was murdered by the beasts. The others grabbed Enika and seperated her from her baby. The man in all black demanded his wolves to take her to the carriage for processing. He also told the other wolf to hand him the baby. Enika was fighting her way to try to get her baby, but sadly, to no avail. She was then hit brutally by a club, knocking her out unconcious.

In a large kingdom called Casadine, a carriage full of slaves was entering the city's boundaries. Enika, looked at this horrid city, glaring at it. She felt fear tingling within her. By the time she was in the town's square, a beasola dropped her off for her execution.

A man who had pink skin (a little lighter than Enika), who wore a white robe carrying a staff was pouring water on her while another pink individual came in reading the laws she had broken. It seemed that she was runaway slave who escaped the kingdom for a better life and saught refuge to the village. Just before they executed her, he asked that does she have any last words.

"May the ways of the spirits guide you all," she said. "Be safe, my baby," she muttered as a beasola pressed her down to the ground to her knees and unsheathed its sword. The people of the kingdom gathered around to see the "traitor of the crowns" execution. And then, it happened. The beasola decapitated Enika.

After the execution, the baby was then taken to the queen by the Dark Lord.

"Was it done? Was the execution complete?" she asked.

"The princess has been executed, but why. Why spare the child?" he asked.

"Reprogramming," she said, "The original is gone. She's no longer a threat, for all we know what if this thing came after me, or worse," she said.

"What are you going to do with it?" he asked.

The queen did nothing but smiles as he hugs the baby.

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