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The Deadly Sentence

The queen was appalled as well as the other guests.

"What is the meaning of this, and why is one of your daughters with humans?" asked a Munadian mistress.

The queen glares at Sasha.

"I'm sorry mother, but it needs to be done. What we are doing to the humans is..."

"You dare speak before me, even after you have done?" she asked, "I thought I told you that humans are nothing more but violent creatures brought from hell to cause chaos, it's all been written. I've showed you the scrolls, I showed you what and who they really are. They are nothing but mere animals. I had forbidden you..."

"No mother, you forbidden yourself," Sasha said.

The queen said nothing more. Sapphire came rushing out to see what's happening only to see that Sasha was standing before the queen.

"That child of yours is going to put the treaty in peril, Queen Evilin," said a Unadian lord.

"Of course, but you are mistaken, this is not my daughter," said the queen, "This is another human."

Sasha felt her heart cracking.

"Sasha Tina of Casadine, you are under arrest for the act of treason against the crown, and betraying humrid species. And for that, I sentence you to death," she said about to break into tears, but held her ground.


"Take her away," she said to the knights as she walks back to the castle. Sapphire walks with her mother.


"Sapphire, go to James," she said walking off to the throneroom.

Sapphire stood there as James came in to assuage her.

Meanwhile, Emily watched as they take Sasha to the doungeon. Sasha took one last look at her before she dissapeared behind the walls. The humans were seperate from her. They were taken to another location.

"Sasha!" Emily yelled.

She ran after the knights carrying the traitor with them.

"Sasha, please!" Emily yelled.

Gallon stopped her as she watched her friend be sent off to the doungeon.

"Emily, let her go! Let her go, it's alright," he said hugging her.

"Let me go!" she yelled pushing him to the side.

"She's a traitor, I saw her with the slaves. If it wasn't for me, the entire kingdom would fall, thus costing the life of you and your entire family," he said. As he continued on, Emily backed several feet away.

"Emily?" he said.

Emily still backed away.

"Emily," he said, a little louder this time.

She began to run away from him.

"Emily!" he yelled that time. As he watches her run from him, he began to after her until he was stopped by James.

"I thought I told you to leave her alone," he said.

"I'm just as worried as you are, isn't that enough for you," he said shrugging him off and walking away.

By the time, Emily ran to the gate, the knights kept her from going in.

"Sasha!" she yelled.

"Sasha turned around as the knights holding her takes up to the tower.

"Emily, it's too dangerous for you to go up there," one said.

"You got to..."

"Believe us, it's for the greater good," he said.

"What greater good?" she asked as she painfully watches the knights ctaking her to the doungeon.

After that, Emily walked back to the castle only to find her mother laughing and drinking strong drinks with the rich and the rulers of both kingdoms as they get ready to sign a declaration to unite the two kingdoms into the rule of Casadine. It was a heated arguement at first. Normally with rulers of a nation they'll be contentious about letting their region be ruled by a foreign nation, even if it's close to them. All she knew was that she saw a golden sceptor by the wall glowing. She paid no attention to it as she marches her way to her mother.

"Mother, may I have a word with you?" she said.

"Sure, what is it?" she asked.

"Alone," Emily said.

Evilin turns to her guests and tells them that she would return. Emily takes her to the halls several feet away.


"If it's about the execution, then no," she said.

"Then why?" she asked.

"You know what those animals are. They are savage beasts," she said.

"We had one that serves us food," Emily said.

"And then what happens? What happens after that?" she asked, "He betrayed us, and now he must pay the ultimate price."


"Emily, do you trust your mother?" she asked.

"I do," Emily said.

"Then promise me. Promise me that you won't do the same mistakes the traitor made," said Evilin.

"But what did..."

"Promise?" Evilin said.

Emily sighed.

"I promise," she said.

"Good," said the queen as she walked off back to her guests.

Emily sighed.

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