I'm losing all my self control

Cuz I don't want to keep it

And the burns not as bad as I recall

And it's sweet because it's secret

I know why I do this

It's because I can't have you

And all my substitutions

Can't taste the way you do

So I drink in the alcohol

Instead of your sweet perfume

And I pretend that you left

My always empty room

It's against the rules to have you

I'm not allowed to cross the line

You're the only one I'd do it for

But you're innocence still shines

I hope you still think well of me

I hope you can't see my sins

Cuz you may be the worst of them

But sinner is where I begin

You could never tell I was lying

And you wouldn't believe the truth

I hope it stays that way forever

Even if means never having you

Sometimes even I can't understand

How I got this far

But now, I'm here

I can't go back

And I know it's gonna be hard

Not to forget myself

And break my promise

Just one second, Just one kiss

Not to forget myself

Or break my promise to me

And tell you what I really feel

And finally let you see

All the things that I've been hiding

The truth and all my lies

Hoping you still want me

Hoping you won't say goodbye

I know that can never happen

And we both know I won't dream

I'll suffer in isolation to keep you

And never let you know me