Chapter 3

One month had passed since Emmett and I had moved to Orlando. I started taking business classes at a local community college while I worked at the front desk in one of the resort hotels at Disney World. I didn't get my dream job but I still enjoyed what I was doing.

My parents knew I was in Orlando but they thought it was at a university where I lived on campus. I had premonitions every other night now, mostly about Emmett and I. They were of various events such as different dates, a day at Magic Kingdom, and there was one where I remember being dressed in silk.

In reality Emmett and I had gone on several dates, none ended in sex, not yet anyway. Tonight we were going on a date and when I arrived home I quickly changed into a blue dress with black heels. I left my hair down. The dinner, as usual was delicious and our conversations were mainly about work. We ended the evening on the couch sipping glasses of red wine. He was the first to kiss me.

His tongue danced with mine as he pressed me down onto the couch. He then quickly picked me up and carried me to our room. My dress was off when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Emmett asked annoyed, "What?" There was a pause and then he asked what time he needed to be in. I saw him change his alarm time on his clock.

"I'll be in," he said hanging the phone up. He started to kiss me again but we both knew nothing was going to happen tonight. The following morning I sat at the counter drinking coffee. Emmett was on the phone, he seemed angry and upset. He threw the phone one the couch. He then came over to me. He put his lips on mine and picked me up. He placed me on the island counter, the coffee tipping over and crashing to the floor.

"We'll get that later," he mumbled against my earlobe. I moaned as his kisses travelled down my neck. My nightgown straps slipped down my shoulders and he placed kisses along my breasts. My nightgown rises up my thighs but he doesn't seem to mind as he picks me up. He once again carries me to our room and gently lies me on the bed. Within seconds he's naked and I'm only in my underwear. He starts to kiss me again, slowly this time. He trailed down my stomach and slowly peeled off my underwear. He kissed me again before pushing a finger in. I gasped and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. It was then my phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked pulling on my underwear and then jeans.

"Hello darling I wanted to discuss Thanksgiving plans."

"Mother, Thanksgiving is months away," I said throwing on a top and bra. I gave Emmett a sheepish glance as he started to dress.

"Well I wanted to know the number of place settings. Are you bringing a guest?"

"Maybe. I have to get to work, I can't really talk right now, bye."

"Another night." Emmett said giving me a soft kiss then leaving the room.