Chapter 1


Hey. It's me again. Leesy. Or Anna. I dunno what you like to call me anymore. I mean it's been a few months since we've talked, right? Or am I just stretching time? I do that a lot, but you know I do. That's one of the things that made you interested in me, my lack of accurate timing. More because your timing was impeccable, I think. I'm not so sure anymore, details of us started falling out of my head a little while ago. I'm starting to not really remember your voice clearly, and when I actually hear it outside of my head it startles me.

It's just weird how two someones could be so perfect for each other - even though, realistically, teenagers can't be perfect for each other. So few people really meet the people they're meant to be with forever when they're teenagers - and then a few months later be so wrong for each other. I just want to know what would cause that change in two people, or just the one who feels differently than they used to. Why would they leave that one other person behind? It doesn't make sense.

Enough of my stupid musing, it doesn't get me anywhere. By the way, my brothers miss you. They're always asking about you. It's almost creepy. I'm pretty sure they miss the bromance they had with you. Hunter always asks what happened between us, when I tell him that I don't know, Wilder pipes in and says that you and I should talk sometime. I tell him that it wouldn't work, you just don't want to talk to me.

I saw you on the field the other day when I was practicing, it was a little odd, then I remembered that you're on the boys lacrosse team. I don't want to share a field with you. I want something to be my own for once. I don't want to have so much in common with you. But I do. And I want it to draw us back together somehow. It just really hurts, okay.

Have a good season. Watch Doctor Who. Date some pretty girl. Just stop making me want you.


P.S. I'm really not as crazy as I sound, if anyone else reads this.