What is an interrogation without some lies?

Behind the window; a beautiful scenery unfolded. The grey clouds looked ready to burst open and flood the whole town. I silently prayed that would happen. I wished for nothing more than to be drowned in the water. For the last two days I've been thinking about a river. I didn't know where it was located but a sense of dread appeared every time I thought about it.

Stop it, I reminded myself. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and turned on the television. Channel Five was on and before I could reach the river was showed on the screen. "Last night the body of Daniel Endicott was found floating in the river by two hikers."

No! It can't be! Daniel wasn't dead, he couldn't be. My heart felt like it was about to fall out of my chest and tears threatened to spill. I quickly ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

I subconsciously fell on the hard ground. Dreams of a pair of bloody scissors started coming back to me. His dead body but it couldn't be possible I wasn't anywhere that place. Or was I? No, no, no, I came home early and spent the day playing with my nephew. Yeah, 100% sure I was here.

This is not my fault, I didn't kill him. Inside a cabinet, I found a pair of scissors. Putting a sock in my mouth, I gently pressed the blade against my skin. After the pain subsided the feeling of familiarity, the one I yearned for, took over and I could've happily died.

I, sadly, didn't pass out from the pain, so I couldn't even escape to my secret world. Where I was admired by everyone and didn't give a heck about anyone.

A loud knock made come back to reality. "Yes?" I managed to answer without my voice cracking.

"There's a detective here. She wants to question you about… Daniel," my mom told me. Oh no, this can't be good what was a detective here? Out of all the places in the world it had to be my house. Maybe they suspected I did something but what?

"I'll be right there. Give me a second." Calm down. They probably just want to talk. I mean, I was one of Daniel's closest friends. It's going to be fine. Although, the butterflies in my stomach beg to differ.

Since it was still early, I was still in pajamas. I decided it didn't matter the so called detective wanted to talk to me, not my clothes. But my resent cutting was going to show in my short sleeve shirt. I found the solution in a sweater. I quickly put the sweater and took the stairs two at a time.

The woman was average height with brown hair and hazel eyes. She started analyzing me and I could almost hear her think, how did she kill him? I smiled at her. An innocent smile that made everyone thinks I wouldn't even kill a fly much less a human.

My mom looked at me and asked, "Are you going to be ok here by yourself."

"Yes mom you can leave," it came out meaner than I expected. My dear mother left after I said that.

"I'm Detective Mason. I came to interrogate you about Daniel's death-"

"He was murdered," I meant to say it as a question but the more I thought about it the more real it was becoming. I could almost see the light fading from his eyes.

"Well, yes he was-"

"You think I did it, am I correct?" By the detective's facial expression, I could tell she was annoyed by me.

"Yes," she answered, "I would really appreciate it if you let me finish my sentences." Her voice sounded as if you was trying to stay calm but wasn't having much success.

"Of course," I smiled this was going to be so much fun.

"Where were you between 7 and 10:30pm?" She didn't waste any time to start the interrogation.

Between 7 and 10:30? I wasn't sure maybe I fell asleep or something. "In the park," I answered without meaning to. I was at the park? Not that I remembered…

"Were you by any chance with Daniel?" The detective looked startled as if she weren't expecting me to say that. Well that makes two of us buddy.

"Yes. I didn't stay long with him because I got mad at him for personal reasons." To my relief she didn't push past that.

"Look, you seem like a very nice girl, a girl who wouldn't want to spend the rest of her life in jail. If you confess now, you will less time in prison." For a second I actually believed her. It was the way her eyes looked at me, willing me to tell her every secret I've ever had.

I looked directly into her hazel eyes and without breaking eye contact I said, "I have absolutely no idea what happened two days ago." Which was true, I didn't even know the true.

"If you say so. Now tell me did he have a jealous girlfriend or someone that had an unrequited crush?" She took out a Percy Jackson notebook that me grin in spite of the problem.

"Percy Jackson? Nice." I said causing her to smile. "He did have a girlfriend and about the crushes that is half the female population in my school."

"He was a player?"

"No, not really. He was sweet and down-to-earth. I don't know why anyone would hurt him." Every single word was a lie. Sure he was nice, when he wanted to.

That's what everyday expects you to say when someone dies. How much of a saint the decease person was. Nobody talked about their sins only the good things, always the good things.

"It seems like you also had a crush," the detective said looking closely at me probably trying to read me.

"A better question is; who didn't?" There that was a well thought out answer. I was neither denying nor confirming my little obsession.

"I guess you're right," she took a deep breath before asking, "Did you know how he was doing with his biological father? Did they have a good relationship?"

"Jared?" Detective Mason nodded and made a gesture for me to continue. "Daniel didn't talk much about him. They didn't have much of a relationship." Again with the lies but a promise is a promise.

She didn't look thrilled but said, "This is my last question for now, did you know about the river?"

"I can honestly tell you I didn't know it even existed but it has to be close to the park." I stated.


"Well if what I'm thinking is correct he never made it to his house and was probably killed on the way there. What better place to get rid of a body than a river? Whoever did it probably planned it for a while." The more twisted part of me admired the person's intelligence.

A frozen mask took over the detective making me unaware of what was going on her head. "Well it was nice meeting you, Dawn. Hopefully you won't see me again."

I shook her hand and lead her to the door. "If you need any help don't hesitate to call me." With a last nod, Detective Mason left.

Well that was interesting…