It was just an average day in the small town of daunting. The town had no qualities of any high significance or any enjoyable things to do. Although unlike most places it only a few new buildings that did not seem to stand out from the rest of them. Daunting hadn't changed since 1963. The management for some places was different but there were still old fashioned barber shops with striped poles with not only red and white but also blue. There was also malt shops were you could get sodas for seventy five cents. Mostly everything still had that feeling as if you never left the nineteen-sixties.

Right now it is seven fifty am and everyone has been up for at least three hours. Currently a man named Jacob Bernard is working as a mail man delivering the daily mail to the mayor's office. Jacob was a guy with an average personality and from what his wife has said a poor sense of fashion. Jacob could have done something better but the town doesn't have many interesting things to do. But to Jacob there will be something else he could do someday. As he approached the two story building that rested in town square he noticed the great old cloak and a banner above it saying "thanksgiving turkey shoot Four am thanksgiving morning". Every year in the woods men go and take their sons to shoot live turkeys and bring them home to their families. It was a cheap way of getting food but Jacob wouldn't deny that a free turkey was just as good as a paid for one. This year would go since he now had a family of his own, a wife and a plump dog.

Jacob now approached the secretary's desk were Miss. Annie maple was as always filing not papers but nails while she gossiped with little Miss jenny baron on her phone. Annie was like most secretaries on the television, Short five foot six with curly blond hair and freckles about early twenties. Jacob walked past her but she was too well busy to notice him. The mayor like others was short and round with that jolly Santa Claus felling about him. Oh Hello Jacob" said the mayor. Hello mayor I have a package for you". Thank you Jacob I bet it's my new costume for thanksgiving, are you going tomorrow?" why yes mayor". Great the more the merrier". Well goodbye mayor". Jacob then left for the post office.

Morning Jake" said Mr. Yum Jacobs boss who was a tall man in his late forties. Morning ". Hey Jake why don't you take the day off I need to break in the newbie's anyway." Why sure I'll be happy to". Soon Jacob left for his nice little house were his dog named obese who greeted Jacob with a big wet kiss and then returned to his dog bed were he slept on his back with a large bone in his mouth. Jacob went to the kitchen were for most stories the woman is making dinner and is always home but no his wife had a good paying job she won't be home till six. But in the kitchen were bags of cranberries for cranberry sauce, Baskets of fresh veggies and fruit, and loafs of bread pilled on the small counters. He then realized that was the only food in the house so he left for his bed and caught up on his missed sleep. He awoke to the sound of his wife Carrie she was making a TV diner in the microwave. Jacob got up to see that Obese still hasn't moved an inch. Carrie was a short woman who adored high heel shoes. She had neck length brown hair and I pretty round face. Jake diner's ready" said Carrie. The dinner wasn't good and tasted like green beans when he was eating steak. Jake you are going to bring home a turkey". Of course why wouldn't I". Ok I just don't want to pay for one".

The turkey shoot began with little light in the woods. The shoot would be great since this year instead of waiting for a small thin wild turkeys farmer brown this year has been raising turkeys and giving them this special food to make them large and slow. The men and their sons took their place behind stumps, logs, trees, and some just don't hide. Jacob had his back to a large oak tree and had his rifle in hand. Then the sound of a large shoot rang out and the hunt began. Soon sounds of multiple shots were heard but there seem to be no turkeys in sight for Jacob. But as soon as it feels that it's over a large majestic turkey flops over to Jacob. He points the guns barrel towards him and bang! The turkey falls to the ground. Then a sound of a large horn ringing out says that the shoot is over. But something is wrong with Jacobs's turkey. When he approaches the turkey cadaver he sees that it's spewing a chunky emerald colored substance.

Jacob stared into the eyes of his pray. They were dolls eyes. Soon the sounds of a hollering crowd come close. Jacob took his turkey and went to the source of the noise. A crowed of angry people encircled the mayor and farmer brown. What is this?!" said Less ofaman. My turkey has goo coming from his body! "Said Charlie purple. Ya and the meat inside them Is rotten!" Said arty girlish. Gentlemen gentlemen "said the mayor. Let's not fight I'm sure there's a reason for this but unfortunately I guess we all have to buy are turkeys this year." Aw said the crowed. They all left leaving dead gooey turkeys on the ground of the forest. Soon it was six o cloak and people were now leaving to go to loved ones houses for dinner. But as dusk began the same turkey that Jacob had killed was no longer on the ground but standing up.

Soon all of them left the forest with one thing in mind Revenge on the hunters. The town was perfectly peaceful but little did they know of the zombie turkeys on their way. Thanksgiving at Jacobs was very pleasant mostly because Carrie wouldn't let him have a beer. The guests included Tom mammon, Sandra Wallace, Janet dither, And William Billy-son. The group was very sophisticated and polite. Dinner started out slow and simple till. So Jacob how is the house?" said William. We…" what's that" said Jacob. Everyone's head turned toward the sliding glass door were in the substantial darkness a pair of glowing red eyes stared at the half eaten turkey.

The table of people kept quiet for an elongated amount of time. Then a sound that made table leap with let out. "GOBLE" Carrie went for a flashlight and shined the light on the figure the dark figure was four foot two and had green slime in his feathers. His red eyes flashed angrily on Jacob. Then it took its attack. It hit the door constantly with his sharp claws. Soon the glass began to break and all they could do was watch. Then the glass shattered and the bird got in. You know I don't understand why in all movies they always wait around in stair and don't even think about running or fighting it but no they must stay and wait till the last minute. Then there's the girls that here a loud noise in like a basement and they have to check it out I mean I would just run to Mexico. But I'm getting off task so back to the story. The turkey emerged from the darkness and into the light.

Soon more came limping towards them and finally they could actually move. They ran upstairs to the guest room and don't worry kids obese is with them. What will we do" screamed Sandra. I know what to do "said tom. Then tom pushed Janet out into the swarming crowed of turkeys and closed the door. Why did you do that?! "Said Sandra. Hey it was her or you."The reaming people and dog exited through the window. The turkeys were still inside and unaware that they had already left for the sheriff's office.

By the time they got there the town was deserted. Everybody in the sheriff's office had left. The office gave signs of a struggle. Oh great now what." Said William. We leave" said Sandra. We can go to the army" said carried. Ok but well have to leave quietly or the turkeys will get us. They started the car and slowly drove it towards the end. There it is "said Jacob. But as quick as they tried to leave the turkeys blocked their way. The shriek of Jacobs's wife could not be heard by the neighboring county which is unfortunate. The turkeys banged at the car repeatedly they soon woke up from fainting to find that they were tied to some pipes in an old outdated basement. A large familiar turkey came out into the light the turkey was the same Jacob shoot. Hello" said the turkey. Ahh! "Screamed Jacob. You know who I am." Yes your here to get revenge on all us turkey eaters and you won't stop till all turkey eaters are gone and you will rule once more as the age of the turkey approaches".Nope". The turkeys took off their heads to reveal that inside were the town's people. Sorry Jacob but funding was low and there weren't enough turkeys for the shoot so we thought this was a better alternative." After that turkeys shoots were regained normal so they wouldn't repeat what happened again. So I our little story there were no turkeys zombies… or were !

The End