Here it is, right there
My sick little obsession
Bred from the emotions and depression
I begin to notice you; I cannot help but stare

I could come near you
To breathe the scent of your hair
My love for your love
Its seems only fair

You say no
But our hearts scream yes
Its all out of love
True love I must confess

You say you want to go
But please don't leave
Please don't do so
Or I will have to remove your reprieve

I love you
So say it back!
Say it to me
If you want your body still intact

But as soon as you could
You tried to run
You tried to run
Now I have to do what I said I would

Gagged and bound
I chop you up
You want to scream
But cannot make a sound

I said I loved you
But you never said it back
Now your beautiful body
Is no longer intact

I'm laughing with giddiness
Jumping with glee
As I am finally able
To take you home with me

And then you said:
"I love you"
And I thought: "So true"
So I said "I love you too"

No longer did I need to dread
That our eternal love nothing but dead
Gleefully, I took you from my bed
And began to dance with your head in my hands