A drop of Jupiter was always just a drop of Mercury to me, just a silver circle floating around in space, looking. It was looking for the perfect boy, the perfect girl, the cutest baby, the best couple. And no matter where that drop went, it always was the best.

That single drop got to do everything good. It got to float around space without a care in the world, without a single worry or time frame, it didn't age, it didn't grow up. That drop got it's a free pass to swim in whatever atmosphere it wanted, whenever it wanted. And I bet that the drop felt great and carefree.

Slowly, as you die, you become a drop of Mercury, a drop of Jupiter, because you slowly become everything the drop is, but so much more. You get to keep your memories, your love, your emotions, all of the baggage that you carried and carried you though out the years, and aren't you so lucky that you don't have to be lonely looking for yourself out there? Because you know who you are when you're a drop of Jupiter.